Swamiji, what do you mean by Integrity to hunger? How to bring integrity to hunger and sleep?

Whenever you are feeling hungry, your body asks for food, ask your body – “What do you mean by hunger? What do you mean by bringing the thought – I am tired, I have lack of energy, I need food?”

Just look in and see, is it lack of integrity or lack of energy really?

May be you are uttering the words, the negative commitments, the negative weeds constantly, out of your pattern of lack of Integrity. Because you uttered yesterday morning 7 o’ clock you are tired you need food, today morning also you are uttering the same thing.

Try to weed out and see for few days. You will see, your hunger, your food intake will drastically drop. Just this one technique, bringing Integrity to your eating, your hunger. Please listen, every time you feel like eating you first think you will not have enough energy, you are tired. Am I right? You need something from outside. Am I right? Even hunger spreads all over the body as tiredness. So bring awareness, do I need, do I really need food now?

Avatar Connect_NithyanandaWhen I say bring Integrity, I tell you, let hunger be not a negative pattern in you.

May be the visuals of food, smell of food, taste of food, remembrance of food. Listen, when I say bring Integrity, I will tell you, let hunger be not a negative pattern in you. Remove, remove, remove continuously, then suddenly you will see, any of that pattern based hunger will disappear. Real hunger will come which will be once in a week. I lived that life. That is why I am telling you.

Bring Awareness to Let Your Nectar Flow

Please listen, when your saliva, visualization, smell all of them come to their peak, something called ‘Amruta’, nectar happens in your system. That takes care of your hunger, everything. Unfortunately when you eat, saliva, visualization everything comes together but not awareness, which is the main component for nectar to come out.

I will repeat. When you are hungry, saliva means taste, smelling, visualization, touch, everything comes to the peak. With awareness, if you eat once a week, all will come together to a peak with awareness. If you are eating continuously all five will come together but not the awareness. It is unfortunate, during this action, if you are anxious, awareness is lost. If you are inauthentic awareness is lost. And you create only poison in your body. If you bring awareness during eating it is Zen. That is why just drinking tea many people get enlightened. Zen – eating can be a powerful method for enlightenment if you are eating once in a while.

Ok, now you are able to catch? How many of you are able to catch?
That is why the nectar is not happening. If it comes together with awareness, nectar happens to you.
Amruta happens to you and you will feel so fulfilled. Bring Integrity to hunger.

Take More Responsibility & Complete with Patterns of Tiredness & Hunger

Any tiredness, any hunger, any powerlessness is lack of integrity.

If you feel tired and hungry and eat, it is action out of incompletion. Even if you are not practicing Nirahara, bring integrity to your hunger. Drastically it will reduce, you will feel high energy. If you don’t bring integrity to your thinking, to your mental patterns, Nirahara will not be successful. During eating all 5 senses come to their peak.

I tell you bring integrity to your thinking again and again, and again. Weed out all the powerless experiences, weak feeling experiences. Whenever you feel tired, weak, weed them out. Best thing is taking up ten responsibilities and maintaining the integrity with time. There is no training period. Just you start living. I tell you best way to practice integrity is taking up more and more responsibilities. Go on taking up more responsibility.


Did you know?

INTEGRITY is the first of the 4 Truths or Tattvas called ‘Catur Vedas’, the core teachings of Avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Integrity is the only strategy for creation and success in your life.

“Integrity is you fulfilling the word and thought you give to yourself and to others and experiencing a state of Poornatva – completion with yourself and with life. Creation is possible only when you are established in the state of Integrity and utter your words”

Begin your life with Integrity, right here.