My weight has dropped from 63kg to 55kg. BMI came down from 24 (moderate risk) to 21 (low risk). Ideal BMI (bottom of the range) will be 18.5 or 49kg. Feeling very light and in the best of health. Keeping fit by practising Nithya Yoga early in the morning for 1 – 1.5hrs. Nowadays I also feel very calm and peaceful. Now the only challenge is facing my siblings. They think I am going to fall sick or die. At the same time they are also astonished by seeing me doing exercise with weights and travelling a lot. During Thaipusam (27 Jan 2013), I carried Pal Kodum (milk pot) and walked about 1km and climbed up 272 steps to reach the Murugan temple in Batu Caves and later climbed down the 272 steps and walked another one kilometer before going home by train. Brothers and sisters, this is my new lifestyle.

Sleep level has also dropped from about 7-8hrs to 4-5hrs.

Sri Nithya Vedatmananda
Freelance Medical Equipment Consultant/Planner
Mantin, Malaysia