I felt much higher energy in the body compared to prior days when I was on my regular diet. Unlike other days, I was able to do Arthritis Kriya, Yoga/Exercise literally everyday and noticed that there was no tiredness in the body, there was only overflowing energy. Vaishali’s body has Rheumatoid Arthritis. I noticed that during the whole 21 days process the pain in the body went down a lot. The body felt very light and had a very light feeling in my joints too.

Even my skin became very radiant and lot of people complimented me for the glow on my face and skin.

I realized that solid food was actually causing lethargy and dullness. I felt much more alive and full of strength and energy without eating any solid food. Also I realized that it is the food which was cause of lot of pain and swelling in the joints.

Dr. Vaishali Verma
(PhD, Medical Biochemistry)
San Jose, California, USA