Nirahara is really a very big relief from dumping all junk food in our stomach and abusing it. Even in the liquid diet also, I avoid taking coffee, tea, cold drinks etc. So all the unnecessary fat and water left my body. Now I feel very light and lost more than 10KG. After the first The Samyama in Thiruvannamalai, I continuously took medical tests like Complete Blood test, Urine test, Lower abdomen test, ECG and some other special tests for 3 months. Every thing including my BMI level is also normal.

Health issues like stomach pain, indigestion problem, gas trouble, sore throat all disappeared. Now I am completely free from all these diseases, and able to do my daily routine with more energy and less sleep.

HrNr Shakila Gnanamoorthy
Hyderabad, A.P, India.