Nithyanandam !

I am Dr Shilpa. I am a homeopathic practitioner in Tumkur.
I did Nirahara Samyama in the 5th batch that happened from Oct 7th 2012.

Benefits I got:
1. Hair fall reduced
2. Body odour due to sweat got corrected. Even now I never got back this problem which was there since 14 yrs .
3. I can stay without food for upto 10 hrs easily even now during day time
4. Lost around 6.7 kg excess weight
5. No more acidity problem
6. Headache due to acidity disappeared
7. Osteoarthritis- pain in knee disappeared
8. I am feeling so good about my body

More than anything else my feeling connection and gratitude towards our beloved Swami increased tremendously.
Thank you Swamiji.

Dr Shilpa
Homeopathic Practitioner
Tumkur, India