What is Samyama ?

‘Samyama’ is a Sanskrit word for exploring and discovering the various possibilities in you, which happen when you are centered on certain yogic techniques and spiritual processes. The only way to understand this is to educate yourself about the evolution of our thoughts.

Our bodies carry several memories, our way of thinking (constantly re-inforced thoughts)  becomes a pattern, constantly reinforced patterns become a part of our muscle memory and strong muscle memories become bio-memories  (memories we carry in the bone marrow level) which we carry over several life times (based on the vedic tradition’s belief in re-incarnation).

Defining Samyama

Paramahamsa Nithyananda defines the real meaning of Samyama, one among many of the wonderful gifts from the greatest living tradition on the planet – the vedic tradition. For ages, the keys to powerful Samyamas have been kept unrevealed, and many times misinterpreted by the on-lookers. Here, the Master, an adept living Yogi by birth, has been expressing His power of Enlightenment since birth; and is enriching the world by sharing the science of Samyama with all.

Samyama is the technology through which the extraordinary experiences and the powers, which is in your consciousness is being expressed through the body and mind to the world is ‘Samyamah’.

Samyama is the technology through which, concentration (Dharana), contemplation (Dhyana) and experiencing the pure consciousness (Samadhi), where the mediator and the meditated becomes one and experiencing the extraordinary experiences and powers and expressing it to the world.

Over several lifetimes we assume various bodies and carry those respective bio-memories associated with each birth.

The incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda says “You are a miniature of the Cosmos. If a fish can swim, so can you; if a bird can fly, so can you; if plants can make food on their own with natural resources, so can you! You just need to re-discover those possibilities from your bio-memory through Samyama”.

Samyama is a technique of exploring and helping you discover all the great possibilities within you and Nirahara samyama means exploring and discovering your possibility to exist without food.

Different types of Samyama

Vedic Tradition is a mystery school with many Samyama such as Sun Samyama, Moon Samyama, Balance your Body Samyama, Prana Samyama, Cosmic Sound Samyama, Samyama on the five senses, and the Nirahara Samyama.

Benefits of Samyama

Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi all three put together is called Samyama. By Samyama the knowledge is achieved. Lighting up of the consciousness happens.

Samyama is the applied science of pure yoga science. In science there are two parts:
– One is pure science, like the theory of gravity and the theory of relativity.
– Second is the applied science, which uses the laws and the theories in the practical life. So, Samyama is the applied science. Applied science brings value to the pure science. Samyama is the essence of the Hindu tradition. It is the core of the Vedic tradition. It is a powerful path to enlightenment. Our super consciousness is all-powerful, all knowing and all pervading. We can prepare our body and mind to radiate and express some of those grate experiences and expressions through Samyama.

Our body has the basic infrastructure. By doing yoga and weight lifting, we can have strong body. Then we can use that strength to achieve extraordinary things like weight-lifting or running in the Guinness record level, it is possible. In the same way our mind also has the basic infrastructure. We can prepare it with Samyama and achieve the extraordinary things like enlightenment. It is possible.

Human beings have extraordinary physical and mental possibilities. We are God living in human body. Like acquiring health and wealth, all human beings should express at least few extraordinary powers and experiences. Extraordinary powers are the landmark, qualification and milestones for our Hindu Yogic Vedantic tradition. We can achieve it through Samyama.

How to do Samyama? 

Samyama has to be practiced and applied in progression, not stage by stage. Stage by stage means, we are supposed to achieve some thing step by step from others, which is not there in us.

Progression means we already have every thing in us. We need to prepare our body and mind to take it out from our inner space, super consciousness. It is like taking out something, which we already have in our treasure box. So we need to take the responsibility to train our body and mind step by step, to take those things out. Here step by step means, at a time if we try to take out everything, our body may not stay in a balanced way to express those powers. It may just burn away.

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