Nirahara Samyama is one of the best tapas I took up

By on March 9, 2013

Nirahara Samyama was a turning point for my body. I heard about Nirahara Samyama through initiations through NTV. I was really excited about it because swami said it will break emotional and food patterns. I was really excited about it and waited to start on it immediately. I joined the 4th batch and at that time, it was NSP going on in Malaysia. During the second day, I felt uncomfortable in the stomach. The NSP was held in Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. The weather was really cold. I was having fever and a lot of anger arose  in me. For the second level, I gave up on Nirahara Samyama. I couldn’t continue.

I joined the 5th batch with the help of my friend relying on him for transport. It was not easy to ask for leave from work for 21 days. Somehow I got leave approved since I also had a change in department. This was the biggest miracle for the whole group, around 10 youths doing Nirahara Samyama together with me. The rest of the youth were doing own business, so flexibility in time for attending Nirahara Samyama 2-way was there compared to me. I took this as a blessing and worked really intensely in following the 3 levels really intensely. It was very difficult at first. Friends and family just got shocked when I explained about this Samyama. My boss could not accept it at all. He asked me to stop, but I felt this was more important than my commitment at workplace. So, I changed to a different department which had more of Satvic energy. I could feel my body so light.

I was really surprised how my saliva glands was not as active as before. I didn’t have cravings for solid food. I felt my body adjusting to liquid diet so well. I only took juices, buttermilk and water. Although body was dehydrated quickly but I kept drinking buttermilk and coconut water to balance. My cravings started dropping.

My parents on the other side were quite worried. I was loosing weight quickly. They kept feeling guilty for not able to give attention to me through food. I saw my anger pattern just surfaced. I felt the societal conditioning was getting melted.

At the beginning, my tongue felt bitter and I felt feverish. The two days break was relieving. The 7 days was a boost after the break. I saw my body settling down after the 5th day. My stomach shrink-ed and I didn’t have the feverish feeling anymore.

My body started getting so flexible when I do yoga. I felt nothing is impossible. My relationship with my parents and family became more authentic. Sleep was getting lesser. I was listening to akashic reading almost everyday. During the 7 days break, I had a good feast. Cosmic energy provided me with any food I craved for. But I couldn’t eat as much.
The 3rd level was a new beginning, by this time, I started building beautiful relationship with the group of youth around me. The 3rd level brought a lot of calmness. I got a juicer and the amount of juices started reducing. Although I felt low blood circulation, low pressure. But, I drank lots of liquid and did little bit of yoga to improve.

By this time, I felt better. I felt so happy and joyful everyday. I started feeling like Naga Baba and Aghori inside me. For no reason I felt joy. I started expressing lots of clarity and positive expression in workplace too. Sleep automatically reduced. I slept for 3 hours and woke up fresh. I started building beautiful relationship with myself and others. Authenticity was so prominent. I was not afraid to be myself.

Going to ashram everyday was a wonderful start, daily before going to work. My parents were not really happy because I gave more importance to spiritual practice and took many leave at workplace. Everyone saw so much difference in me. My health improved so much. I didn’t have menstrual cramps as I used to. My skin was glowing and I had so much stamina.

Unclutching, Ajapa Japa and Feeling connection came so easily. I felt closer to my true self. I started sharing my daily experiences with everyone around. When I started sharing I had doubt people will not accept at first. But, I had to stand with my newly built cells and body. I was so confident inside and there was so much physical and emotional changes for the better. My tamasic qualities dropped drastically. Few of my friends and family members started getting interested in this Samyama. I put up my new photos in facebook and so many people asked me about Nirahara Samyama. I connected to my inner space really easily now. Bhakti started flowering.

I feel Nirahara Samyama is one of the best tapas I took up and my body really enjoys being in this space. It’s a true blessing from Swami to attend this and give this as a gift to humanity. I will wait to shake my experiences as much as possible to everyone for how much changes it brought to my life.
I only sleep for 3-4 hours and I have dreamless sleep. My body intelligence is awakened to higher consciousness and I when I heard about The Samyama in Feb Inner Awakening, I rushed to Bidadi to get liberated from my patterns. I also realized I am able to take more responsibility with ease in the body.


Suvarna Supramaniam,  QA Engineer (Software Development)
Seremban, N.S., Malaysia

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