Living as a Nirahari is Easier than it Looks

By on March 9, 2013

The best part is that becoming a Nirahari did not take much effort from my side . All I had to do was trust in my Master and the power of his initiation which is really just a single tap on our heads for 21 days. All I do now is continue with my ajapa jappa , where like an automated process the guru mantra “om hreem nithyananda namah” keeps circling my throat constantly keeping me in awareness, and  then, just remembering my master is enough to put me in the space of unclutching- a technique unique to those of us initiated into the process during the inner awakening program . The deep love, you can call it feeling connection that I have for the divine presence of the master in my life is  more than enough for me to know I am well “fed” with cosmic energy! I should go one step further and say its like being in the cosmic womb of my master.

You may think it an austere life, but I beg to differ. Living as a Nirahari is about leading a life centered on the higher truths. It does not turn you into a monk , but it does give you the pure mind set of one.  I realize this is a major fear people have before they meet some one like me who is very much a part of so called society. The simple practices I follow as a nirahari like doing the 5 cleansing processes, ajapa japa, unclutching and being established in feeling connection are not limited to the life of a nirahari. If everyone would do it, they would certainly experience better quality of life. Nirahara lifestyle just needs your simple decision-  YES I CAN DO IT!

I can clearly tell you that I would not give up this lifestyle for anything. Of course there is no pressure on me to do so either,  Niraharis can eat once in a while, but whether they want to do it, is a whole other question. Why would you give up a life where your skin glows, your eyes shine and where you have so much time to pursue anything you want, a life where you are not bound to a job you hate just because you cannot envision a life of hunger? If you’re smart you wouldn’t.

Nithyadevi, 27, BSBA, MBA, Entreprenuer

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