I Seem to Increase My Energy By Doing

By on March 9, 2013

Been living this way since the cruise in December.  I had done the NS twice prior to arrival on board the ship. The first time right after returning from Kailash and the second time just prior to going to cruise (I am sorry but don’t know which batch that would be) I lost 15 pounds by the time I finished second NS and 30 overall now.  I was successful both times with NO STRUGGLE WHATSOEVER.  I have never felt better in my life and have experienced more vitality, clear thinking, upbeat mood, (less chronic aches and pains such as arthritic type pain in joints, especially knees) and lost 30 pounds without any thought to it (which is really amazing because I struggled with  my weight for the past 5+ years and no matter which diet I tried and believe me there were many, NOTHING worked – I had finally resolved myself to just  “being heavier” than I was before.

It’s also amazing that as I go through the day I seem to increase my energy by doing instead of getting tired.  I have met many that say that “they can’t do it” but I say no worries, you won’t be doing it – Swamiji will take care – TRUST, have FAITH, and EXPERIENCE the transformation!

Going to Kailash was my first personal experience with Swamiji which was extraordinary and I always planned to attend  IA but after such a powerfully intense time I felt I needed to come home and try to understand and make sense of it all . . . after my return it took a little bit to reintegrate into my life and surroundings.

I realized that although I considered myself to be a spiritual person, I had spent my time seeking and not living the truth.  I knew I must return to learn, grow and experience and am eternally grateful that I did.  As I left the ship that day, I said “thank you” to Swamiji but in NO WAY was that statement or words adequate to describe what I felt – I will forever hold that feeling in my heart and only hope to be able to share it with the world . . . if anyone could just taste a moment of what it feels like, they too would want to be there!!!  Their lives would be changed as mine has, and the world would shift into a much brighter more loving reality!

I feel more connected, live more responsibly by making choices that support me and my beliefs rather than just “doing” for myself and others.


Jody Walz, Landscape Designer
Scottsdale, AZ 

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