I Go Through All Situations in an Undisturbed Manner

By on March 9, 2013


I would like to share some of the most beautiful experiences which Swamiji blessed me during Nirahara & The Samyama program.

Much to the surprise of my colleagues( in the same & other departments) I used to be working for more than 18 hours without taking break, without feeling tired or sleepy- WITHOUT SOLID FOOD.I used come for morning  Satsang almost everyday after one or two surgeries, go back to attend outpatient, inpatient & emergency delivery room calls (in addition to attending to personal work at home like cooking, vegetables,fruits, groceries shopping) never felt i should take rest or I m doing all these. I was unable to convince my own logic or intellect that it is possible to live a perfectly healthy, blissful life without solid food.when I started the 1st level Nirahara Samyama my mind was discouraging(along with family members) me saying -you are in a profession where u need to take emergency calls 24/7 u can’t plan anything, this is time for you drop it! I told myself NO! my Master makes ALL IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE I will not step back. With Swamiji’s ultimate compassion I was able to go through the whole process including 21 days ‘The Samyama’  in a very joyful manner with very high energy levels, the best physical, mental & emotional  health status expressed by the mind & body. I used to feel lethargic in the post lunch period whenever I had little free time I would never miss a nap.I never felt the need for it, surprisingly even during night I used to experience a kind of wakeful state  The strength & stamina to take up more & more responsibilities multiplies many fold  expressing new power, self confidence & creativity.A new capacity to go through all situations in an undisturbed manner happens in us (all these can not be achieved even after many Janmas  of tapas).

Though I started, went through with strong opposition for liquid diet, I can see beautiful relationships flowering in my life in due course of time.

Words fail to express many subtle experiences.I will try to share through words a few of them.On the whole lot of subtle witnessing started happening,many Divine Visions continuously happening in the inner space,whole body-mind experiencing an intense flow of bliss energy.One of the most important & sacred process that happened is establishment of very strong feeling connection with Master -of course its an eternal happening! He just showers You with the Divine energy you really feel you are God walking on planet Earth. Huge wave of gratitude & divinity happens  melting us deeply!!

Dr M P Shanthi
Profession-Doctor (Obstetrician & Gynecologist)
Bengaluru Karnataka India

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