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By on March 9, 2013


After successful completion of Nirahara samyama all 3 levels in July 2012 via VSEE in Gloucester MA,USA. I was very excited with Swamiji launching the very first The Samyama in Kodaikanal in August 2012 .It didn`t take me much time to decide to go and dive deeper into it but let me start where it all began. At the time I decided to do first level (second batch)in July 2012 my in laws were visiting US from India so of course most of our weekend activities involved travelling, sightseeing, dining in different restaurants and weekdays daily cooking and what not. I have to admit when I decided to do first level of Nirahara samayma nobody from my family was surprised by my decision because I have always been known”as girl that doesn`t eat” or eats very little by any Indian standard.I have always been a firm believer of that what you fit in your palm is sufficient to run the body. Most of the time people will see me eating from small “mouse” bowl and pass comments. Taking first level of Nirahara samyama was almost a natural continuity of that I have been already living but of course at way way more deeper level.

Regarding my health background I need to mention that as a child I was exposed to radioactive dust form explosion of Nuclear plant in Chernobyl Ukraine and as a result my thyroid gland got damaged and later diagnosed with Hashimoto syndrome and hypothyroidism.Among the main symptoms of this are fatigue,lack of energy,skin dryness,weight gain. During both Niraahara samyama and The samayma I actually experience complete reverse of these symptoms. My skin became moist, shining,fatigue completely disappeared and I had so much energy that If I could I would have shared with others. My body became lighter,more flexible,more alive having dropped 8 lbs. I gain this feeling of inner freedom from food and managed enjoying the glass of water while others were food feasting and feeling tired sluggish 1 hour later. This was a very profound click for my being that the food is just another deeply rooted patterns and is not required at all to be alive.

While the benefits during Nirahara Samayma were mostly at physical and mental level taking The Samayma in Kodaikanal was for sure taking many steps further and deeper being in Swamijis presence. Having received powerful initiations from Swamiji hunger,feeling hungry completely disappeared the very first day and looking at the food was just triggering question like what do you do with this as if some kind of disconnection between senses and brain just happened. The mind became much more clear, TPS dropped and was very easy to glide into meditative space. Among my favorites of The samyama was receiving  a sweet surprise towards the end of The Samyama sweet sweet nectar oozing out on the sides of my tongue. The Samyama is true THE GIFT FOR HUMANITY from divine that everybody should experience once in the life time. I highly recommend Nirahara samyama for everyone who are courageous to learn more about themselves and discover vast possibilities of human kind.

Deep gratitude thank you dearest Swamiji

PS:I`m currently back on consuming solid foods due to my weight loss under lower limit of BMI and rapid hair loss. My blood test came normal but lower levels of vitamin D. Planning to go back to Nirahara Samyama lifestyle once the hair loss stops.

lots of love and light

Mukta Pushpa,  Animal scientist
Gloucester, USA

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