Creativity is Flowering in Me

By on March 9, 2013


I am from the first batch of Niraharis…And first batch of The Samyama Participants at Kodaikanal. When we set out to do “The Samyama”, I wasn’t sure, I will be able to complete it.  Went only because swami had called…He was the strength that made it happen for me, and how beautifully…no hunger, no weakness, a constant energy and bliss..

Those were the most beautiful days…

Normally, I am prone to headaches, if I don’t eat or go in the sun, but here I was, no physical effect of debility at all, on the contrary feeling light and healthy.  Lost a total of about 10 Kgs during the total Samyama process…
After coming back from Kodaikanal, I was again wondering how I will be able to continue as I had to go to Sydney to leave my son.  But Swamiji helped me to continue on the Samyama in spite of all the constraints of being a guest in a new country.

I have gained health, energy and moved out of many many food patterns..and the creativity seems to just flower…I am doing so many things that I had not done earlier…I started learning desk top publishing, designing clothes, reading  etc..

In Summary :

Health Benefits:

1.  Being able to live without solid food.

2.  No loss of energy or weak feeling.

3.  No headaches or physical debility

4.  Feeling light and blissfull

5.  Even now though I have started having solids in January, I am 80% on liquids, and my intake has dropped by 80%.  Even now I eat because I want to eat, not because I need.  I can go back on liquids anytime as all my food patterns are broken.  No necessity  of tea, milk etc.

6.  Anti aging- looking at least 10 years younger

Spiritual benefits:

1.  More concentration powers

2.  Can feel the energy flow of kundalini shakti in my spine and back

3.  While doing shakti dharana in en kriya, can feel more energy landing in me

4.  Can feel lot of creativity flowering in me.

Other benefits:

1.  People who were doubting me and my connection with Swamiji earlier are softening their attitude after seeing me do the Nirahara Samyama.  There is a slow acceptance from detractors..

2.  People are taking us more seriously.

3.  Want to learn obesity kriya and ask for tips for better health

4.  Improved Inter-personal relations with family and friends..

Greatest gains for me are the faith that I can live a healthy life without food due to Swamiji’s blessing.. What a liberation..Thank you swamiji for this Blessing

Nithya Kavyaroopini
Ex-Banker, Home Maker
Mumbai, India

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