• Nirahara Drinks

    Niraharis who consume liquids, can consume the following juices approved by the Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Have fun! Reminder : Nirahara is about living food free, breaking all patterns related to eating. Please remember don’t over pamper yourself...

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  • Haritaki – Nectar, the Spiritual Cleanser

    Haritaki or Kadukaai is the drink of the Gods. It is said in ancient scriptures that the Haritaki came to life when a nectar drop fell from the cup of Indra, the King of  heaven. Haritaki – The...

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  • Neem Juice, Nirahari’s Morning Drink

    Neem juice is the Ultimate Cure for all diseases, Sarva Roga Nivarini. It has extraordinary healing, and vouched by Siddha, Ayurveda tradition in vedic lineage. A Nirahari should begin the day with Neem Juice from neem bark

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