The Energy is Booming All the Time!

By on March 9, 2013

Natalia Cooke was initiated into The Samyama at Kodaikanal, India in September 2012. I dropped 10lb.

After that a desire to eat meats disappeared. Interestingly enough, whole family improved their eating habits after return home. I still liked to have seafood and eggs from time to time. A body experienced higher energy, as a healer my work became more effective, intensity of energy healing became very powerful.

At Inner Awakening, 12-12-12, I experienced The Samyama for second time. Now I became a full vegetarian! No desire, thoughts and it happened so quickly! People trying to lose weight for years, fight with own desires and try different diets!

My husband started Nirahari Samyama Level 1 (2 days) and his appetite decreased 40%. He started to eat soups all the time (never liked them before).

I am always on the go, never ever tired anymore. See miracles in Healing, people get healed from the first time, the energy is booming all the time. Feel connected to Universe and became a mini-universe myself, inspiring others with the experience. Feel abundance around me all the time, abundance of love, joy and happiness. My husband’s point of view on many things in life turned to better understanding. He is not the same person as he was even a year ago and nor me.

Clarity in life cleared many grey areas, now we are living with integrity, cutting loose ends, attracting right people or situations for our growth.

Natalia Cooke
Newhall, USA





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