Experiencing Increased Awareness

By on March 9, 2013

While doing the Nirahara Samyama I was able to see how much my awareness has increased.  Before when unpleasant situations happen I would react automatically to those situations, like exploding in anger. I had no control over my emotions.  During this process the awareness was so much that I can actually see the unpleasant situations happening outside of me and I was able to see the negative emotions rising inside me to respond to that situation.  But as I was seeing the emotions rising up, instead of responding to the outer situation the emotions just came down and disappeared inside my system.  I was left feeling peaceful and relaxed.  Even my muscles did not tense up.  I was able to see the whole episode as an onlooker.

Once I also experienced waves of bliss inside me for some time.  I had so much freedom from my emotions while doing this process.

Abirami Paramanathan

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