Living off the Breath of God

By on March 9, 2013

The idea before of living off the breath of God always appealed to me from a very young age, but somehow I didn’t know if I would really be able to do it. Now I know that I will be able to live this life because of this process, I am well on my way!

I had some fear initially starting out – I wasn’t sure if just living off of water, coconut water and light juices and PRANA, the cosmic life force energy would be enough, but I trusted Swamiji as my source to cosmos, and my connection and understanding of the friendly loving Cosmos that always heals, balances, supports and takes care of me, and willingly went forward in the process.

The first level was easy – two days – no problem. I felt successful.However the 2nd level was where I felt all my deeply ingrained food patterns become triggered. I called it “food fantasy”. I wanted to eat soooo many sweets, (part of my old emotional eating pattern connected with an eating disorder I had from age 11 till almost 20, both Anorexia and Bulimia.) but I just kept with the mantra chanting and sipped coconut water visualizing myself as a giant tree pulling in my life energy from the heavens, and continued on. Though my mind would create these strong mental cravings for food, I was keenly aware that it was only in the mental layer – the body itself was not craving food – and this was pretty astonishing. I became aware of many many old thought patterns and beliefs that were rooted in fear or guilt or scarcity present around my relationship with food, but one by one, hour by hour they all started to lose their power of my inner peace, and I started to find my inner bliss. After 7 days of the level 2, I was VERY excited to eat! I ate and ate and ate and ate – for maybe one hour – then felt so sick. I never wanted to eat again!

I very happily moved on to the 3rd level – 11 days. By now I was not having the food fantasy but maybe once every few days some thought would be there – but with no strong emotional pull. I was living off coconut water & the occasional apple or carrot juice! But more then anything which I found so amazing was how much energy I had. By the 3rd level I would sleep around 2-4 hours a night and would be awake all day and night working excitedly with so much inspiration and creativity on content for my workshops and the most beautiful channeled poetry I ever wrote! And when I would go into meditation – my eyes would pour with tears of gratitude for the grace of God that was upon me, feeding and expressing through me. Now I am on day 11 of THE Samyama process and I can feel already that what I thought was just a dream for me is slowly but surely becoming a reality! Even if my mind has the occasional thought of food, absolutely no physical hunger or tiredness is there, I just drink some small juice and then I simply cannot drink anymore because the body is SO FULL OF PRANA, so full of LIFE ENERGY!

Especially with my awakened kundalini from Swamiji, and the beginners level of levitation my body experiences, I really feel like I am flying, merging into the cosmos! It’s not that I don’t enjoy food anymore, I can say that if I ate food some level of me might enjoy it, but I have opened myself up to the possibility that there is a dimension of life I am just now discovering that is greater than all my previous enjoyment of food….to truly live off the breath of God… and coconut water, for me…is the ultimate and eternal bliss. I am so so so so so so so so so so GRATE-FULL for being initiated into this process and Swamiji for bringing this ancient science to life!

Ava Laurèl
Spiritual Teacher and Healer
Los Angeles, USA

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