I Don’t Feel A Need to Eat

By on March 9, 2013

The Nirahara samyama breaks patterns related to food. Since I love to break patterns and do the processes Swamiji gives, I did the first two days of Batch 1 of the Nirahara samyama. It was my good fortune to be taking a training in the LA Temple. The first 18 hours was a breeze – didn’t miss anything. Then, my stomach felt as if it had the flu. ooooo I felt awful. Foolishly I thought, let me have some sips of water, so I did. Then I began vomiting – on and off – the next few hours. What could this be? Later, I sat down in front of Swamiji’s picture to get some healing and immediately began crying gently. The healers began working on me – nice energy filling my body….then the kundalini started and my body shook and rocked and I was sobbing. Eventually, it subsided. Someone said: WOW that’s some food pattern. I couldn’t think of any. Must be different lifetime 🙂 About three or four hours later, I had a vision of myself seated at dinner with my Mom, Dad and sister – as we would do every night of my life while I lived at home – so 20 years – Tension.

My Mom and I would be quiet and only say “nice” pleasing things…to make sure my Dad wouldn’t spout off in anger. Each night inevitably my sister would say something to provoke him. ROOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR BLAH BLAH GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOWWWWLING ANGER ENERGY ROLLING OFF HIS BODY ONTO our dinner table and ourselves. All the tension had been locked into my body. My digestive tract had been tense and tight down to the very cells of the body. All this came to awareness and released during the first two days of the process!! Amazing. Where else can transforming work like this be done?! And it was Free!

I stopped the batch 1 Nirahara Samyama since I traveled home where 2-way was not set up. Once home, I used the time to “work” on my family patterns again. I did the Nirahara Samyama start to finish, Batch 3, in my home in North Idaho, USA, using two-way VSee connection.

The second time through did not have any strong revelations, yet I was reminded during the 1st and 2nd levels that the digestive tract was tensed by the eating. It was important for me to focus on being relaxed and creating a relaxing environment for dining. I cooked for my husband during the Samyama and was continually aware of how beautiful the food we eat is – I noticed the colors, shape and smells. I didn’t feel like eating it, yet I was very appreciative of the food. My physical energy remained high to teach an aerobic exercise class and take my dog on daily walks in the wooded hills. I lost some weight and felt great, remembering that to be a perfect weight for me to live in. However, some of the weight has returned with regular eating. I had lunch with a friend – telling her beforehand that I wasn’t eating. For me, the experience was wonderful, relaxed, and satisfied. On her part, she never wanted to go out to lunch with me again if I wasn’t eating – she was uncomfortable. Five months later, I eat food however food has lost its excitement for me. I appreciate food and I don’t feel a need to eat everything I appreciate.

Jamie Wilson
Certified Public Accountant
Twin Lakes, IDAHO USA

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