Uncovering the Hidden Yogi-Sumitra

By on March 10, 2013

I always thought a Yogi is someone who after renouncing everything go to Himalayas and do tapas standing on one leg and achieve great powers like living without food, materializing objects, power to take PRANA from earth and who exhibit extraordinary powers which an normal day-to-day life householder cannot even conceive…

But less I knew that there is a hidden YOGI in each and every one of us and which can be experienced and expressed when we are living this same householder life or any life for that matter, the best part being these power which are hidden in our Bio-memory can be brought back to life with the help of an Incarnation without doing any Tapas from our side…

Its like someone runs in the gym and you lose weight.

When I became NIRAHARI….let alone for others, it was a shock even for me to find out that I can live actually without food.

Before_2009 JANIf you are wondering can it happen to you….YES…Just 21 days of your time and 21 Initiation from MASTER to find out that your body does not need any food to survive…

When I went for THE SAMYAMA(Nirahara Samyama program -beyond fasting and feasting) conducted at Kodaikanal APR 21st 2012, All I thought was I will be living without solid food just on juices and buttermilk for 21 days and I would have increased  awareness on how I eat and my eating pattern will change (may be I will eat less) once I get back to my home.

But least I know that I will take this as a life style.

2012 dec_Sumitra_NirahariLiving without food just not gave me good health but courage, clarity towards life. All our actions are based on what society has thought us and the first thing which it teaches us is by putting the fear, food is the basic need and we all live and work because we have to earn money, so that we can have food otherwise we cannot survive…But when you know,you don’t need food to survive…suddenly you will have a huge time in front of you….you feel a total freedom.

you have the whole life before you, which you  can enjoy as you wish , you can go behind your dream and not money(which we earn for food)not out of fear or greed but out of simple choice, the choice you make out of freedom not out of fear or greed.

What happened to me in that 21 days(other than my whole life changingJ)

My physical body changes were, First my excess fat got reduced. I lost 10 kg first few days in to Samyama and stopped reducing after that.

My WBC, Iron Binding capacity,B12 was low and after 60 days in to living a Nirahara life style all these increased and came to normal range.

My face became younger (anti aging started happening) and a new sense of respect towards my body started to happen. The feeling of How blessed I am to have a body like this and the desire of wanting to live for more years happened in me.

First of all I FELT good about myself and started to accept myself which in itself a tremendous healing for both body and mind..

And when you break the big patterns like food , a tremendous confidence and courage to stand for what you have believed in comes up.

I always had an understanding when I went for Samyama…suddenly one fine day some magic will happen and I will not eat from the next day…I will start hating the food….NO.

Right understanding started to happen in me…

Just few days left for the Samyama to end, still I was not feeling that I can live without food. I shared my concern with swamiji..

I said, Swamiji I feel, with your Initiations and the group energy and seeing hundreds of people living without food I am able to do it now …but once I go home I have a fear that I will not be able to continue this as my lifestyle.

He answered …the initiation is so strong you will be able to do, literally I will be “bolting” this experience in you all.

Sumitra with SwamiHe also added…I have awakened the bio-memory to absorb prana directly from ether and your body does not need food but all the mental craving you have when you see food ,you have to take responsibility for that.

There that was a click for me… without me taking the responsibility to be a YOGI a NIRAHARI nothing will happen…there are many places where the Individual has to decide, Master will support the decision with his energy and make it as a reality in our life…

Swamiji said I have traveled with you all,  in this road and I am putting you in the spot from where you can take 2 paths…Continuing to be a NIRAHARI..where the food which you are having  now will decrease and your body will settle and you can prepare yourself to be a complete NIRAHARAI to an extent where you can live even without water…

Or you can start eating once a month, then 2 week once then 2 times per day and resume the food pattern.

It’s your choice completely.

I understood that time, without taking responsibility, not even in outer world but also in Inner world we cannot achieve anything. Be it a CEO of big company or a person doing TAPAS in Himalayas …without the attitude of responsibility nothing can be achieved…

Surrendering with responsibility is enlightenment”

This was a huge click in me.

I have tried to convince many people living around me about the path I am travelling but I was never able to inspire or convince them.

What I was not able to achieve being a normal housewife following spiritual path I was able to achieve by being a NIRAHARI. There instead of me talking about the great truth to everyone when I start living it, I can inspire more people to walk in this path.


Lot of courage has happened in me…courage not to fight with other but the courage to face my very own mind..and I know I am winning J

When I decided I will continue to be a NIRAHARI…I wonder at myself, the NEW me and say…LOVING  others is easy…Loving oneself is more difficult…

And yes I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH MYSELF and that is the ultimate gift.

My master has changed me( I used to look Like GANESHA…very fat with belly) to Ashok sundari(Daughter of shiva….opposite to the looks of ganeshaJ) just in 21 days.

And sure I know this is just a start for the long miraculous adventurous exciting journey ahead.

Nr Hr Sumithra Swaminathan
Bangalore, India


Nirahari Sumitra_Feb13

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  1. Noah

    April 8, 2017 at 7:03 am

    I wish to live off of ” prana ” write forever and always be able to take care of everybody around me. I don’t feel hungry most of the time, though I eat a large breakfast filled with 33 grams of vegan powder protein and 200 calories of fat from coconut milk, and seeds.
    I would then eat fruits in the later evening to quench some thirst and to detoxify my cells. i sometimes at times won’t feel hungry at all, though I eat a meal as to applease my aunt and uncle. I take garden of life calcium supplements with vitamin D3, and vitamin A, E found in foods such as goji and sprouted sunflower seeds. I’ve always wanted to eat healthier as this is my temple, though at times I just don’t really feel like eating, but I lose weight fast as I don’t eat much, the weight keeps on falling, though I’ve been told that I needed to eat proteins as to regulate my bodies amino acids. I’ve once heard the words Esther as I was a little child, and since then, the words had stuck to me, in no fear, I became curious and wondered as that was the only time in my life that I’ve heard a voice without a body. I live off of SSI and curious of why I’m on that system, though at times I just accept and buy healthy organic foods and use to smoke pot, though now my body doesn’t really feel the need to smoke pot or drink anything that isn’t water, or probiotic rich, and non sugar, rather natural sugar from fruit and beats.

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