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By on March 9, 2013
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Niraharis who consume liquids, can consume the following juices approved by the Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Have fun!

Reminder : Nirahara is about living food free, breaking all patterns related to eating. Please remember don’t over pamper yourself when you drink. Your juice intake will only help you on your journey to evolve into complete Nirahara when you consume light juices and over come your tongue’s desire for taste even when you are not hungry. Ice cream shakes, blending, biscuits,  pizza and dosa are not Nirahari drinks :) .


  White Pumpkin + Carrot + Beetroot  Juice

a)   Ratio – 1 : ½ : ¼

b)   Grind it

c)    Add honey, jaggery and cardamom

  Carrot + Coconut Juice

a)   Ratio – 10 : 1

b)   Grind and filter it

c)    Add jaggery and cardamom

 Banana stem juice

a)   Grind it

b)   Add butter milk and salt

 Mosambi (sweet lime) & Orange Juice

a) Add jaggery if you wish


 Grape Juice

a) Blend well and consume in diluted state

 Mint + Coconut juice

a)   Ratio – ½ : 1

b)   Grind it

c)    Add cardamom and jaggery

 Cardamom + Coconut juice

a)   Ratio – ½ : 1

b)   Grind it

c)    Add cardamom and jaggery

  Bilva leaf extract + Tender coconut juice

a)   Ratio – ¼ : 1

b)   Grind it

c)    Add jaggery

Amla juice + Jaggery + salt

Tomato soup ( As thin as possible)


Vegetable soup


Juices of Papaya, apple, pineapple, banana, watermelon, muskmelon 


 Cucumber Juice

a)   Grind it

b)   Add jaggery

Kambe, Kanji, also known as PORRIDGE

a)   Cereal boiled to make porridge


*Shortly more detailed Nirahari juice recipes will be added. Thank you for being patient.

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