51 Enriching Tips for Niraharis

By on March 6, 2013
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Here are tested TIPS by life time Niraharis


  • SUPPORT YOUR PRANA :Niraharis, its not enough to just think you live on prana! You have to know how to support it.Not putting in that effort is what makes you feel you may not be a successful Nirahari. The Master says “Support  your Praana consciously, I mean constantly try to establish yourself in these three –  Enchanting; Feeling connection; Unclutching! Constantly! Take this up as a spiritual practice from today. Whole day your body should be working. Means, you can sweep, wipe, cook, drive. Whole day your body should be engaged in your regular activities – reading, even sleeping is activity. Engage yourself in some activity or lie down and sleep. Even sleeping is activity, no problem! But along with your activity establish yourself into these three. Whole day, the moment you wake up, start the Ajapa-Japa. Ajapa–Japa starts and then feeling connection, with a deep prayerful mood; Unclutching. The Feeling connection is the bridge between Unclutching and Ajapa-Japa. Constantly do this. One important thing, if you are lazy, not doing anything actively physically, you won’t be able to establish yourself in self-remembrance. That is why never ever lazy people achieve enlightenment. Please understand, if you are not physically active, if you are not constantly doing anything, do not hope for enlightenment. That is not for you. So constantly do something, may be cooking, driving, your job, your office work. Do some volunteer work. Constantly, go on  doing and establishing yourself into these three.”
  • KEEP THE TUMMY FULL :As a Nirahari you are bound to not feel hungry, but in the initial months or atleast till you feel your body is perfectly balanced and cool while it exists on prana, it is very  important to keep the tummy full of light liquids like sweet lime juice, orange juice, butter milk. So, keep a bottle and sip away the whole day. This helps reduce your body heat and will not allow for mild ulcers. This is extremely important. Keeping the tummy FULL is a direct instruction from the Master. Don’t get greedy in Nirahara and force yourself to live on few sips of water right away. Please keep the tummy full of liquid, any liquid you like. Just avoid processed juices and white sugar.When you do this for few months, you will see you can live on water for several days in between. At any point in time, measure the success of Nirahara by checking the hydration level of your skin and shine in eyes. You should be totally healthy , without mood swings etc while you practice the Nirahara lifestyle.
  • APPLY HENNA/MEHENDI :Applying henna paste to the base of your feet and palms is a wonderful way to keep you cool. There is a lot of emphasis to keep the body cool, because Paramahamsa Nithyananda has mentioned several times, a heated body is like an upturned pot trying to store water. Energy will simply not be retained.
  • NEEM JUICE MAGIC :Drink 250 ml of Neem juice everyday, first thing in the morning. We love boiling the neem bark available at the ashram to make this concotion. Neem juice is rich in iron and keeps any disease at bay.
  • YOGA EVERYDAY:  Mostly stretch as much as you can. Initially some Niraharis may find their joints don’t feel lubricated. We can assure you, if you start on light yoga, you will be rid of this problem. Living food free doesn’t mean you stop exercising. The whole point of being a Nirahari is that you can do any activity as one does normally, without needing food. Regular eaters consume food for energy. A Nirahari absorbs that energy directly;therefore, a nirahari’s body also gets nourished with the same proteins, vitamins, minerals etc as would a regular eater’s.
  • DAILY GURUPOOJA: Don’t ever loose sight of the fact that living in Nirahara happens as an after effect of initiation from the Master and as a result of deep feeling connection and trust you enjoy with the Master. So do your “gurupooja” sincerely each day and feed your senses with the Master’s wisdom during the morning en-satsang. Nirahara is a spiritual lifestyle that you will have to constantly build on – it is not magic.
  • LOOK WITHIN TO FIND SOURCE OF IN COMPLETION :As a new Nirahari ,when you feel tempted at the sight of some food or aroma, take a moment to look within and ask yourself where the temptation is springing from. Is it that your teeth just want to chew on something or is it an old memory of that food item which is still lingering in you. If its the former, just keeping your tummy full of liquid will take care of the sensation. If its the latter, you have to do your ‘completion’ with that food item. Basically, eat that food item with conscious awareness of each bite. We can assure you, that food item and many others will loose their control over you.
  • COMPLETE WITH FOOD :Living Nirahara as a lifestyle proves to be successful for those who understand that its a process of living in ‘completion’ with food and the purpose it previously served in our lives. For such Niraharis’ a tasty food item and the plastic dish it is served in will pretty much look the same – it holds no value.
  •  TELL THE WORLD YOU ARE A NIRAHARI :Niraharis who finish THE Samyama and want to adopt the food free lifestyle, please note that making your declaration of it to every one and every thing is a powerful process. Some of our complete Niraharis are so succesful with the lifestyle because they never gave themselves time to think if they will be able to maintain the lifestyle when they are away from the Master’s physical presence. So declare that you are a Nirahari to the world you see around you. Automatically, “you will see you will become that”. Therefore, don’t over think and over analyse. Just do it!
  • NIRAHARI LIFE IS NOT A HINDRANCE -Living the lifestyle of Nirahari will only make you more compassionate to the plight of people around you, so don’t ever think that you will become a hindrance for your family. You wont! You will only inspire people by becoming a live showcase for Nirahara’s incomparable benefits. Please also note, when you live as an authentic Nirahari and see its benefits for yourself, your confidence in it radiates to those living around you. Your friends will no longer wonder why you don’t eat at parties, instead they will want to know more and more.
  • DON’T SHY AWAY FROM SOCIAL GATHERINGS :You do not need to shy away from social gatherings . This is especially for those whose spouses are not Niraharis. Remember, as a Nirahari your job is also to enrich people with this science , the experience of Nirahara gets stronger in you when you start enriching people. Shying away and becoming a social recluse is not for Niraharis! Go to parties and drink juice or anything else while others eat. We promise you, you will become the life of any party!
  • MILK & HONEY TO STABILIZE WEIGHT :If some of you experience weight loss below the normal BMI weight, then consume good quantities of milk with honey. Your weight will immediately stop dropping and the body will balance itself. Nirahara is not deprivation for the body. You should look as healthy as a healthy regular eater. None of us complete Niraharis look like a bag of bones!
  • LEARN TO DIFFERENTIATE :The Master has always maintained that during the Nirahara Samyama, if you are ever hungry, you should break the process and eat. But for those who successfully completed THE Samyama, you should know you have already proven to your body it can exist comfortably without food for 21 days. So after THE Samyama any wish you express to eat food again is really your own way of bending to the pressure of your mind.Ofcourse those who wish to eat, can do so happily. But those who wish to remain Niraharis should live with awareness and learn to differentiate between temptation, thirst and hunger.
  • BUILDING INSPIRATION :If you are in need for inspiration at any point in time while remaining a Nirahari- just meditate with awareness in your Ananda Gandha, play some strong vedic chants in the background while you meditate and let your throat chakra be engaged in ajappa jappa of the Gurumantra “Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha” . Our take is, do anything that keeps you inspired otherwise you will get caught in the unnecessary drama of the mind giving you excuses like “its ok” .
  • GOOD OVER PLEASURE :If you are faced with the dilema of eating vs drinking – just choose “good over pleasure”. Good is to drink. Pleasure is to eat. You are aninitiated Nirahari who doesn’t need external food to live. Now you decide.
  • WORK WORK WORK :Niraharis should always be engaged in work! It could be spirutual feats, volunteering, cooking for others! Cooking for others infact works wonders. You will be pleasantly surprised that whatever you cook tastes exceptionally good for others. You will also see that as you cook and feed others, your own temptation for food as instigated by the tongue ceases to exist.
  • PAMPER OTHERS , NOT YOURSELF: A Nirahari lifestyle is such that when it comes to us, we leave it to the cosmos to pamper us and we don’t indulge ourselves. But we are all about pampering when it comes to others.
  • POWER OF AJAPA JAPPA (EN-CHANTING) :Niraharis should keep up the ajjapa jappa of the Gurumantra. The Master has programmed THE Samyama  Initiations to work in us with the help of the Gurumantra.  We assure you, the chant will become a part of you . Just imagine the chant going around your throat . When you keep this up, its like signal to the Master who you know is none other than the cosmic mother- he will keep you fed.You will see the energy floods to your tummy region. This is how at times full Nirahari’s go for days with just 1 cup water.
  • IT IS NOT OVERWHELMING :Don’t get eccentric about Nirahara. Understand it in the right context only then you will realize that all the small practices you need to keep up like ajapa jappa, wearing mala, doing guru pooja, watching satsang, doing pancha kriya, drinking the right liquids etc are very simple part of a healthy human life. It will not seem over whelming. Nirahara is for those who want to invest time on themselves not those who create excuses for not spending time on their betterment.
  • POWER OF ENERGY BEAD MALA :Wear your malas that are energised by the Master. Whenever you feel low, hold your mala and remember the Master. You will be fine in no time!
  • DONT BLAME ANYONE FOR NOT UNDERSTANDING :If you face trouble on the family front, understand that it is some incompletion within you, some inauthenticity within you that gets projected as a problem. So deal with it with integrity! Take the responsibility to explain Nirahara and what you are getting from it to your families.Now you have a website to support your claim. Don’t underestimate other people’s intelligence. Their fear is only out of concern for you. If your life as a Nirahari shows them that a human can truly do all of his /her work and yet live without food, they will be dazed with amazement and will stop pestering you. So have patience and be authentic to your Niraharatva.
  • ROUTINE HEALTH CHECKS :Monitor your health: Female Niraharis should monitor their menstural cycle. You will be happy to know Nirahara greatly helps regulate your monthly cycles since it balance hormones in your bodies. In any case  its best for men and women to get monthly scans and blood/urine  tests done for your own peace of mind and that of your families. You will see amazing improvements in your iron levels etc.
  • DONT WORRY ABOUT NUTRIENT INTAKE :As Niraharis, you don’t need to worry about your vitamin, protein or calcium intake! You become what you eat and you should know you are living on prana now ,so cosmic intelligence is enough to decide what nutrients your body needs.The ajappa jappa and unclutching and feeling connection – 3 mandatory practices for a nirahari teaches us how we connect with and receive the cosmic energy within our bodies. Remember, feeling connection with the master is all about building the flame of devotion in you into a roaring forest fire.
  • DONT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF : Use the fire of the 4 truths :Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility & Enrichment”  to find out and deal with what is causing you to give up Nirahara, which is essentially equal to giving up on yourself. You may think you have valid reasons but at the end of the day those reasons are just excuses to give up on yourself.
  • DONT GIVE UP ON OTHERS :Some of you say your spouse is not connected to swami and therefore will not let you live as a Nirahari. You feel it will make the house a war zone! In reality you are just too lazy to inspire them with your new lifestyle.We can tell you one thing, when people see other people living without food for several days and doing all the activities like regular people- something happens within them. They get to witness the impossible becoming i’m possible. Don’t underestimate the power of that happening. Again and again offer yourself into the fire of the 4 truths so you won’t  allow yourself to give up on others.
  • PERFECT THE ENEMA PROCEDURE -Learn the proper way to perform an enema! Enemas work best when you lie down on your side while inserting the tube into your anus. Niraharis should do enema twice. Once in the morning and once at night. Doing enema at night will cool your tummy and ensure you sleep well.
  • 6 MONTH MILESTONE :Niraharis are advised not to do heavy weight lifting exercises till they cross the 6 month mark of living the Nirahara lifestyle.After this, you yourself will have understood the capabilities of your body, you will trust in its strength . Feel free to take up boxing, martial arts, pumping iron etc!
  • TAKE CARE OF SPECIAL CONDITIONS :Niraharis who have recovered from diabetes after doing THE Samyama should monitor their juice /butter milk intake in tandem with their blood glucose reports. At times you many need to strike a balance between non-potassium rich drinks and low GI drinks. Any health related ailment is just a pattern, Nirahara eventually breaks all the patterns related to food consumption, as a result we have seen some our previously diabetic Niraharis break free of needing to exercise caution in the nutrient composition of their drinks.
  • BRINGING BODY BACK TO BALANCE:Nirahara is all about constantly centering your body. If you suddenly feel heat has increased, just follow any of the stated steps to cool it down and thus re-align it. Similarly if you feel you are not hungry but craving for something fried, bring attention to the fact that you are not authentically following the rule of keeping your tummy full during the initial months.This way, constantly assess the problem and help your body to re-align.
  • NIRAHARI BUDDY (MITRAS) :Have a Nirahari buddy! Sometimes we need someone to help us remain motivated and on track. Have a fellow Nirahari as a buddy so you can reach out to him or her and voice the issues you are facing.
  • COOL THE EYES :Do the eye wash with your eye cups twice or thrice a day to get rid of dry eyes.
  • CLEAR YOUR AIRWAYS :You can do the nose wash with the nethi pot and slightly salted water upto two times a day. This will clear you airways and make your breathing deeper.
  • ULTIMATE PRANAYAMA :The Master says the ultimate pranayama is to take a deep breath – so deep ur inhalation should be felt till your knees. Hold – exhale slowly-Hold and again repeat the process 11 times. This is the ultimate pranyama.
  • TECHNIQUE TO COOL DOWN:For immediate  cool down – do the Sheethali pranayama. Stick out your tongue- roll it like a tube and inhale through it- close your mouth and exhale through the nose.
  • EATING IS YOUR CHOICE :Nirahara is not imprisonment! Its for to experience freedom of choice! Keep that in mind and know that you CAN eat once in a while if you suddenly wish to celebrate some occasion with your family by breaking bread with them.
  • BE GUILT FREE :If you do eat once in a while ( once in 3 -4 weeks or more) , please don’t harbor guilt .You will not loose the Nirahara Effect. Thanks to the Master who has bolted it pretty firmly within us. Of course when you eat, eat with the right context!
  • ANANDA GANDHA MEDITATION :Do your Ananda Gandha Meditation daily for atleast 21 minutes. It is phenomenal to help you unclutch and build deep feeling connection with the Master. Sit on a mat with your legs crossed comfortably- Siddhasana is prefered, keep your hands locked in Samana mudra ( link your fingers together  with the right thumb laying over the left thumb) , close your eyes and envision the Master’s smiling face in the region of  your Ananda Gandha. Immediately you will go beyond the master’s image, simply tell yourself to be in that space,  you will be unclutched in Ananda Gandha! With in 21 minutes you will see that you cannot feel the tips of your toes and fingers. That is how you know you have really unclutched during the meditation. This meditation is a Nirahari favorite. Try it to know why.
  • THE SHAKTHI DHARANA :If you are a person who wants to experience what it is like to just live on water, you will need to practice the shakthi dharana meditation at night while you live on water. Kneel on the floor on your knees, raise your arms up , with the palms facing heaven ward, close your eyes. Envision swami standing before you transmitting the cosmic energy to you. You will really feel energy enter your body through the palms. Once you feel full, bown down on the ground so your palms touch the ground and then surrender the energy to the earth. Do this process ATLEAST 7 times. One of our full Nirahari’s swears by this technique when she lives on water for several days. This process can make you drowsy so you should do it just before you sleep . You shouldn’t do it before driving or using electronic items.
  • IDENTIFY SOURCE OF IRRITATION :Some Niraharis  experience sudden spurts of anger or irritation , lack of patience. These are nothing but pointers to either temporary body heat or some incompletion you carry within. So look deep and identify it- don’t let those occasions pass on without dealing with the root cause of it.
  • CONSTANTLY DO COMPLETIONS WITH FOOD :We cannot stop stressing that to live as a complete Nirahari you have to do completions with certain food items that you think have power over you. Some of you may have made statements like “i can’t live without rice or coffee”. Make sure you do your poornatva ( completion ) process with those food items. Nirahara should feel effortless- it is not a fight that you have with your body, forcing it to live without food.
  • FACEBOOK THE AVATAR :Sometimes if you experience aches in the joints or any serious discomfort while remaining in Nirahara, just message Swamiji on facebook , he will heal you :) .Over a short period you will see you transcend all the minor kinks in the body.
  • REMEMBER :Taking up Nirahara as a lifestyle is for those who get intensely excited by living in Nirahara. You guys are after all live medical miracles.
  • GIVE HEALING :If you are an initiated healer, give healing to as many as possible. You know you can heal the animate and the inanimate . Giving healing, fills you with energy.
  • LIQUID DIET LOG :Maintain a per day liquid consumption diary to track how your body evolves towards living on pure prana.
  • BE A SAVVY NIRAHARI :Be knowledgeable about Nirahara. Don’t say you don’t know and point your fingers heaven ward. People are bound to ask you questions , so watch Swami’s talks on Nirahara, read other Nirahari experiences and trust your own experiences to give an authentic picture of living the food free lifestyle. Be sure to mention Nirahara is strongly rooted in vedic tradition and it happens purely out of feeling connection with the Master and the strength of his initiations. Be humble in your expression, have patience for those who don’t understand immediately. Always remember that Nirahara is a spiritual capabilitiy, it is not magic and it is most certainly not a medium to show off the power of the extraordinary expressions (siddhis) that may come about as a side effect of living in Nirahara. Remember any power is useless and temporary if you are not practicing Authenticity, integrity, responsibility and enrichment of yourself along with that of others.
  • HARITAKI POWDER :Consume Haritaki ! 1 tablespoon at night before you sleep. Haritaki is a mild laxative and is amazing in keeping your Gastrointestinal tract clean and ulcer free. It also helps increase oxygen in the blood. Refer to the link on Panchakriyas!
  • BE DOUBT FREE :Don’t doubt yourself when you suddenly feel the urge to indulge in food. Just reflect on the way you feel and give yourself a gap of atleast 1 hour before you decide to consume something. During this one hour ensure you’ve consumed lots of water . After all this, if you decide to eat, do  it with awareness, just one mouthful will make you realise you overestimated the taste of that food. The tongue is the main culprit and you will realise that the real taste of the food doesn’t even come close to matching your imagination.
  • UNDERSTAND THE PULL OF SOLID FOOD:We promise you that each time you try to eat solid food, the satisfaction you get will be very insignificant . A once favorite food will no longer give you the same pleasure as it once did. Each time you experience such a moment, remember it and recall it when you next feel like eating.
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE :The logic is very simple.As a Nirahari, your body gets trained to exist on energy. To keep your tummy full, you have option of consuming liquids;so, anything you feel you need exists in your mind! Think of people who eat beyond what their body needs- its called over eating ,correct? Then why would you want to do the same thing as a Nirahari. Have patience with yourself and you will break free of the need to put in solid food especially when you have proven over several days that you can exist perfectly without it.
  • TRUST THE MASTER’S ALL PERVADING PRESENCE: Most important! Always remember that the Master is beyond time, place and distance. When you feel connected with him through the ajapa jappa, you will be FED! Energy will flood into you. If you see successful Niraharis around you, just know that they deeply believe their well being is directly attended to by the Master- the cosmic mother. The Master has infact stated that Nirharis are like babies in his womb!
  • LIVE WITH INSPIRING MATERIAL :Surround yourself with deeper truths that you learn in satsang each day.Watch inspiring shows like Ramayan, Devon ke Dev, Krishna , or anything that makes you feel connected to the higher truths.If you are going to constantly feed yourself with unconscious junk on tv or the form of what you read , don’t expect to have the awareness to build the Nirahara experience in you.  Just do whatever makes you expand your nirahara experience and avoid anything that contracts your nirahara experience. So watch what you feed your senses.

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