My Pot Belly is Gone-Nirgunadevan

By on March 10, 2013

My name is Sri Nithya Nirgunadevan from Los Angeles/North Hollywood.

I am so eternally grateful for Swamiji for designing this Nirahara program for us! Thank you Swamiji! I had a pot belly that never went down ever, no matter what I did! But Nirahara got it down quite a bit! I can get it down a bit more too would be nicer.I can now stand in the shower & see the water run down!

This is my first attempt, I did mostly on 2 way from home & went to temple a few times, since its 1 hour away in heavy traffic. I am just amazed, I thought I could not do this but once i put my mind to it, I did!!! But it was not any effort from me, it was purely Master Energy I am living on!!! All I did was agree to do this! I am successful on all 3 levels & hope to do The Samyama in India with Swamiji.

For me, I noticed I was able to see concentrate on many things while on Nirahara, I was more calmer, peaceful & I did several hot yoga classes & survived the whole class without leaving the room for water & without getting hot!!!! I never got jittery, when I saw food I was calm & even prepared several lunch dishes for my partner to take to work without feeling any pull to drop & eat! Simple Amazing!!!

Looking at food in this way was a interesting experience for me! I can now see ads for food & not go crazy!!!

Sri Nithya Nirgunadevan
Los Angeles, USA



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