My Hemoglobin Level Increased after Samyama

By on March 10, 2013

Not feeling tired at all. Constant energy flow. 1st ‘The Samyama”, Poornambika did in Oct 2012. Where during medical test, Hemoglobin level was low before starting ‘The Samyama’ and the medical test after Samyama shows the increase in Hemoglobin level. Poornambika surprised as, she used to take only juice and soup which got those changes in Hemoglobin level.

Poornambika did the Nirahara Samyama in the 1st batch. During the level 2 process of NS, she felt the experience of getting the smell of any food itself gives the satisfaction of eating the food. Whenever Poornambika cooks food for her family, just the smell of sambar, vegetables gave the Thripthi (satisfaction) of eating the food. When Poornambika shares this to her friends at office, they were surprised and said surely your Swamiji has miracle powers.

Ma Nithya Atma Poornambika
Quality Analyst in Software company
Kodambakkam, Chennai

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