Acid-Free, Fat-Free, and FOOD-FREE!

By on March 9, 2013

This is Ma Nithya Brahma Ananda (Ma Atmaniranjani) from San Jose, USA.

At all given times, I have immense energies. I have been obese since I had my C section last 20 years and now with Nirahara Samyama I have begun to lose the fat which I fought against with all kinds of exercises and dieting. I used to have heavy sweating due to low blood sugar when I did not eat in time. I had acidity which is not there anymore. Food pattern of wanting to eat as a comfort food disappeared. I have full freedom to eat or not to eat whenever I choose to.

Ma Nithya Brahma Ananda (Ma Atmaniranjani)
Smalltime Investor and Home Maker
San Jose, USA

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