Nirahara : An amazing cure for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

By on March 9, 2013

PCO is the most common ailment affecting women of all shapes, sizes , ethnicities and lifestyles .  Paramahamsa Nithyananda says any problem related to a woman’s reproductive system has nothing to do with the physical body and everything to do with the mental and emotional layers of the body.  As a person who suffered the worst of PCO, I totally endorse  Nirahara as a cure for PCO. Doctors had always told me there is no permanent cure for PCO and it can only be controlled with low gi diets, supplements etc. I have been on that route too, the solution is short lived. I suffered with PCO from the age of 14 till 24.  The inner awakening program healed my condition by breaking the mental patterns that were causing the problem. After that I never had issues with my monthly cycle. However laziness  prevents us from stopping  the patterns from recurring and we always find a way to get back into suffering . In my case my binge eating habit followed by guilt always posed a looming threat of PCO. Nirahara has destroyed that pattern of creating self-suffering in me. Now imagine, I feel fully satisfied with just one glass of water despite being surrounded by the choicest of foods. It is the power of Nirahara- it alters your blue print. That is why we niraharis forget the meaning of depression let alone the side effects  it manifests . Any one with fibroid  ovarian cysts, insulin resistance issues should do Nirahara Samyama on priority basis to get their health on track. You will see your condition just melts away. The Samyama bolts the experience in you, your muscles will finally realise they cannot hold onto stale disease causing patterns. Ultimately , if you live the Nirahara lifestyle – you will be creating the strongest body one can hope for.

Nithyadevi, BSBA, MBA

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