Impossible is Possible

By on March 9, 2013

My Energy Level has gone very high. Every day I am getting up @ 4 am and sleeping @ 10/11 pm and may be 15/20 minutes sleep in afternoon. My body is becoming very light.

Also it is revealing the fact that the pleasure of test remains only for Seconds and I used just fill the stomach without ever getting fulfilled. But now I am taking Liquids with intense awareness which is giving fulfilling experience..

First time in my Life, I have been able to realize my inner strength that yes I can also live Food free life.  Also getting confidence that Impossible is Impossible is possible i.e. breaking the food barrier was like a very major task which is now broken means anything is possible. A new dimension has opened up in my life.

This has become possible as Most Revered Swami Nithyananda  has downloaded a software in my bio memory awakening my Bio intelligent whereby the energy required for my body  and mind is created from Space.

My relationship with everyone is improving as the feeling connection is getting established more and more, compassion is increasing.

As my weight as per BMI should be 59 kg however now my weight has become 48 kg and hence since last two days, I have started taking biscuits deeping in Tea/Milk which has started giving heaviness in my body. On second day itself, I am realizing how just to be taking only Liquids (Juices/Soup/Lassi) is a blessing.

This shows clearly that my Bio intelligent is no more ready to accept the heavy stuff and also realizing that food esp chewing habit was connecting me with deep life limiting patterns.

Also the suppressed food desire (before I started living Nirahari life and I used to believe that I do not have attachment with any food items) is coming up which was never known to me and accordingly I am now getting the opportunity to complete with the same.

The Science of Nirahari Life is one of the greatest gifts of Swamiji to the world which earlier was available only to handful of people who used to attain the Life Style after lot of Tapas ( Hard and long Spiritual practices) which Swamiji is bestowing upon in a very simple yet highly graceful way.

One of the best aspects of imbibing the Truth about the Science of Nirahari Life style,  is that it is non-religion based Lie style and hence any organization or religious group follower can adopt the Life style with complete freedom to continue to follow what they feel the best for them.

Nithya Chidamabarananda (Umesh Gosalia)
General Manager
Sharjah, UAE

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