More Present without a Foggy Head

By on March 9, 2013

The Nirahara Samyama was such a blessing for me to experience. For the past few years now I’ve had trouble with my relationship with food. I have a tendency to over eat and constantly snack or think about food. As a vata dosha type I have tried many different diets for my health and wellbeing such as the raw food diet and was always constantly researching, reading and debating about nutrition – often feeling confused and conflicted as to what was truly best for me to consume.

Doing Nirahara was a relief from all of this obsessing and indigestion. Instead of all the energy being spent on digestion and what to eat (or not to eat) next – I was able to be more present without a foggy head. I had seen some testimonials before I participated and was amazed, part of meI could believe that it was possible. But the logical mind was feeling confused and the conditioned past of me was in disbelief.

Even after a few days of the 1st and 2nd levels this was still the case! It was so casual and effortless. I have tried fasting and juice feasting a few times before – but after a few days my body would become weak, I would feel very lightheaded and ill. But during this process – it was if nothing was happening – only the absence of. Absence of meal time, absence of hunger, absence of indigestion, absence of bloated belly, absence of unnecessary fat, absence of stress about what to eat or about not to eat. This absence created more time to do other things during our tea and meal breaks. During the IA, spare time was so precious, so it was so useful to be able to be able to organize my room or call home in the breaks without having to think about food. 4 extra hours became available for me.

During Nirahara Samyama ‘the absence’ also created more time and space to reveal clearly deeper emotional issues that I didn’t want to face. Food was an easy way to avoid resolving the deeper problems which have been buried for so long.

So much craving for delicious cakes and samosas was there in the last week of Nirahara but it was clear it was only hunger the mind was creating – not the stomach.

I saw on the ship – an Italian cruise – so much gluttony which I could have easily participated in, but in the process I got a lot of perspective on this human behavior.

Now, I cannot wait to take it to the next level and continue living as a nirahari by completing The Samyama to reveal deeper and deeper layers of me and prove to myself that truly anything is possible.

Thanks you to Paramahamsa Nithyananda for making this available to the world.

Linda Martin
Musician, Visual Artist
Perth, Australia

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