Immense Transformations from Nirahara

By on March 9, 2013


This is Kailashananda from Atlanta, USA, working as a software engineer. When Swamiji announced about the nirahara samyama, I and my wife decided to participate in the program. I have only read about such things in spiritual books like “Autobiography of a Yogi”, but never thought about trying such feats or even had a thought that those would be possible by mortals.
In addition to the juice diet, we did constant Mantra Japa and also kept the mind occupied per Swamiji’s instructions. Did not drink water or any food for the first 36 hours; after that, when Swamiji announced that participants can have juices, we drank some juices. In the initial phase, the body went through lot of transformation and was adjusting to the juice diet. More than the body, the main obstacle was the mind! The second day was hard, especially for the mind; asking for this food and that dish; the usual trick of the mind 🙂 We completed the first level after 2 days. Then we had 2 days of break and ate the normal diet. The second level started and around the 3rd or 4th day, the temptation was too much; I went all the way near the fridge thinking that I will break the samyama, but stood near the fridge and contemplated for few seconds and decided that I will give it one more try and again drank only some juices. Then that craving did not come again!

The second level was for 7 days and I was able to complete it successfully! And maintaining the regular routine, with the office work and the family. But there was only enough energy left to do the essential things; all the unwanted activities dropped off! Then again we had 2 or 3 days break and the third level started for 11 days. During this time, Swamiji told about the non-stop Surya Namaskar incident from his life; how his Yoga guru made him to do Surya Namaskaras from Sunrise to Sunset and how he persisted with the help of the teacher. This incident of asaathya sadhana and Swamiji’s everyday discourses really helped during this time to persist with the saadhana. The 3rd level of 11 days was much easier compared to the first two levels. The body seemed to have adjusted well to the routine and liquid diet by this time. Drank only fruit and vegetable juices the whole time; completed the third level successfully too!

And then attended the 21 days program known as the “The Samyama”; this was the first batch, and the program was conducted in India directly under Swamiji’s guidance. There, in addition to the juice diet, we also had buttermilk after few days. Throughout this time, my body has lost lot of weight; I was already on the lower limit of the BMI and it went down a lot. Another major change was with the sleep. The duration of the sleep has gone down a lot; I was and could only sleep for 5 or 6 hours compared to the 8+ hours earlier. Unbelievable! We were able to live without solid food for 41 days in total!!! I clearly remember that I was unable to fast even for 1 day in the prior years of my spiritual practice, like that the usual fasting done on Ekadasi or Tryodasi (11 & 13th tithis).

Benefits: Body was feeling light throughout the whole time, plus started focusing only on the critical and essential things in life. No wasting of time in unnecessary things or activities. The TPS has also gone down, i.e., the mind has become quieter and silent. And all my old dresses started fitting perfectly! On the mystical side, once I felt my body becoming heavier and heavier, like an iron ball during a meditation session. And some other times, tingling sensations in the back of my head as if some petals in the sahasrara chakra are getting energized (which appears to be a permanent effect).

After “The Samyama” program, I was unable to continue it because of my weight loss and few remnant desires that I still had for some food items. Overall, the food pattern has changed a lot. Strangely I started having desire for eating tamarind rice, which I used to have only for sweets before! Though I started eating solid food, even now, I go without eating for a day or so; and eat a lot like a Shiva bhoota sometimes 

In gratitude,
Software Engineer
Cumming, GA USA

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