In Communion with Cosmic Energy

By on March 9, 2013

This is Vidya from Singapore, working as a Pediatrician.  I did Nirahara Samyama first 2 levels initially through  2 way video conferencing and did not continue the third level. But I had the blessing of doing Nirahara Samyama in SWAMIJI’S physical presence in December 2012 Inner Awakening. As SWAMIJI was carrying each one of us through the process, body and mind cooperated without any difficulty.

The process of awakening the bio intelligence to  produce energy from ether and water is done in a mystical plane by SWAMIJI with the clear scientific basis that all of us had survived that way, ages ago and we carry that bio memory within us. This is one of the greatest boons from the ENLIGHTENED MASTER to the world.

Body gets into harmonious hormonal balance. There is no question of Hunger /tiredness and we keep going with higher energy than what we get by regular eating. The process puts us at the height of spiritual awareness , naturally leaving us in communion with the COSMIC energy (SWAMIJI’S energy).

Vidya Ramasamy

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