I have established integration in every cell of my body

By on March 10, 2013


All my life I have battled with my weight…no matter what special diets, expensive weight loss programs, personal trainers I tried, nothing ever worked. I was always left endlessly searching and constantly suffering…until I became a Nirahari.

I hold a Doctorate in Educational Research and Development, so I am constantly evaluating weight loss programs. I realized that at a fundamental level, weight loss programs don’t work, because these programs are not addressing the root cause, the fact that our fat cells are reflecting the repeated eating patterns of the past.

After immersing myself in this ancient science in yet another attempt to  triumph over my previous failures at weight loss, I can authentically say I am successful, not just because of my weight loss, but because I have established  integration in every cell of my body.

I look good! I lost 17 pounds!! Before THE Samyama I looked and felt tired. Now my energy levels are up, and I love the freedom of eating when I really want it.

Spiritually speaking I am re-born. My awareness of living the 4 Tattwas: Integration, Authenticity, Responsibility, and Enriching is constantly increasing.

The words I speak to myself and others are strong and reliable. I no longer practice “stinkin thinkin.” The conscious creation of my inner space is of constant Self-appreciation. I actively participate in the conscious commitment to my future. No more “failure identity.” My future is so bright,  I’ll have to wear sunglasses!!

Health wise my arthritis is gone. I have the flexibility of a sixteen year old girl! Before THE Samyama I had battled with high Cholesterol for 10 years. My total Cholesterol was 230, and my good Cholesterol was low, 35. Now, after THE Samyama my total Cholesterol is normal, 150.  My good Cholesterol is 45… an increase of 10 points in 21 days…a medical miracle!!

I initially was initiated into THE Samyama in October 2012. And again in  December 2012. I plan on taking it again in March. I love the personal initiations from Paramahamsa Nithyananda. He is actively down-loading his biomemory into my newly formed muscle memory. I can feel the Shakti energy. Every day I am re-born, evolving, stretching to a new-found potential of perfect health, super relationships, and I made $20,000 in the stock market this year! I am attracting wealth in mind, body and spirit.

Never before have I experienced such a powerful program of comprehensive transformation! It just keeps transforming me every second, every minute, every hour of my life is spent in re-juvenation. I am actively earning my spiritual name that Swamiji gave me, Nithya Balananda…eternally youthful!!!

Nithya Balananda
Doctorate in Educational Research and Development

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