eN-Joying Nirahara

By on March 9, 2013

Some of the benefits I experienced from participating in the Nirahara Samyama:

  • Gained confidence in knowing that in any emergency or just by casual choice we can easily live for extended periods of time without food.
  • The opportunity to witnessing the relationship between food and our emotions and time to practice living outside of our common patterns/responses to life regarding food.
  • Breaking and resetting these patterns, back to tabula rasa -fresh start, where, now centered in awareness of the patterns we have the chance to re-define, re-create, and choose these relationships to serve our individual lifestyle.
  • Felt the freedom of living without having to shop, cook or eat! WOW! What a drastic savings in time and energy!
  • Now happily living eating only once a day as a lifestyle.

Conclusion: I feel and look healthier and have more energy throughout the whole day. I have a lot of freedom to choose when, what, and where I’ll eat. I can be picky and wait for the right option, or I can be simple and just drink water —and it’s all a casual choice.

eN-Joying the benefits of Nirahara Samyama, I highly recommend it, give yourself the opportunity to awaken one of your dormant “super-human” qualities —BFOODFREE!

1. Health benefits: Fat loss, more flexibility, clear skin, more energy
2. Spiritual benefits: More clarity, ease in meditation, more restful awareness
3. Other benefits:  More wealth by reducing spending on food

Ma Nithya Mukthananda
Volunteer, mother of two, Entrepreneur

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