I Don’t Feel Like Eating

By on March 9, 2013


I did the second batch of Nirahara Samyama in 2012 and I really got a lot out of it. Even on the first day I realized that I was dictated by conditioning  I did  not even know what hunger actually was. My body was only creating signals based on the times it was used to eating. So at 12.00pm/1.00pm I was used to having lunch and my system would say it was time to eat but I was not even hungry.

I had been on automatic. I was just so surprised at how beautifully the desire to eat had just dropped. I actually did not feel like eating. I was going through the day with a lot more energy. I began to see that the only times I want to reach to food was when I was starving emotionally. So when I was angry, stressed, unhappy etc I felt the need to reach for food. Not because I was physically hungry. Also I found that I wanted to eat to recreate a celebration atmosphere or reward myself for hard work. Soon, I saw that I am only doing it to feed a part of me that feels empty, again nothing to do with physical requirements.

One by one a lot of my addictions to food have dropped and now most days I eat only one meal a day and the snacking all day has certainly stopped. I eat what I want, feel satisfied and then move on to work. My day is so much free because I do not obsess about food the way I used to.

So many of my debilitating patterns around food have just dropped off thanks to the “Nirahara Samyama”. I used to feel tortured by not being able to stuff my body with food even though it was crying not to have anymore. My eyes were bigger than my belly. I was over weight and hated the way my body looked. I was in a vicious cycle unable to stop myself and now I feel liberated to such a huge extent.

1.  Health benefits – Broke my deabilitating food patterns of over eating or starving self
2.  Spiritual benefits – More time to just be without feeling guilty

I am looking forward to going to India at some point this year and becoming a full on Nirahree.

Thank you, Nithyanandoham
Ma Nithya Atmadayaki
Self Employed Designer and Photographer
East London UK

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