I Can Really Live Off Prana of this Planet,Sun

By on March 10, 2013

After 5 attempts at Nirahara Samyama (reaching the 2 day marker all but one of the 5 attempts), I was able to complete the 8th Batch of Nirahara Samyama, 3rd level/ 21 days without consuming any food. I was initiated via two-way video conference by Swamiji at the Chicago-Srirangam Center in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

As soon as I started the Nirahara on January 31st, 2013 I began learning amazing things about myself that I otherwise would never have known. I realized that without food I can really live off the prana of this planet and sun and feel just as good (if not, better) as I would have eating. I learned that hunger is rarely experienced in this world by a lot of people. The pattern of, “It’s dinner-time” is simply just that – a pattern which informs our brains that “I should be hungry”.

My energy was high throughout the 21 day event. My juice intake was approximately 3 20oz cans of coconut water a day and on occasion a pulpless mixed juice. Weight loss certainly did occur, but Swamiji prepared us for this. The amount of weight lost was enough to notice, but nothing to be alarmed about. I certainly never felt weak. Meditation was more intense. I could definitely fall into it much easier with an empty stomach and digestive track! I know that there was more to the “meditative mellifluousness” than simply and empty digestive track, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Kicking coffee certainly was easy! The transition from drinking a 20oz cup of strong coffee every morning to nothing was incredibly simple! I was shocked! No coffee headaches, no desire for coffee. And to this day I still do not feel the need. After the 21 days I have noticed that my old eating patterns have crept back somewhat which is something I need to do completion with (no coffee, but pizza!), but just simply being aware of these patterns is, in itself, a blessing!

During the 21 days I also had many large changes occur outside of my eating habits. I was promoted during this time from Network Engineer to Senior Infrastructure Engineer.

I was also asked to travel to India to meet with our operations department which allowed for my wife and I to take some vacation time to volunteer at the Bidadi ashram! Also during this time my manager was let go and my senior manager found a better opportunity and left as well! My new manager loves to travel as do I. I was told that I will be doing a lot more traveling in the months/years to come. Something I always hoped would happen!

It was also during this time that my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. I immediately sent her photo to Bidadi and was told by Ma Jnanatma that Swamiji blessed her at the healing tower. I already know that she will miraculously recover as this cancer is in the early stages and Swamiji’s healing miracle list is vast!

Ian Narcisi
Sr. Infrastructure Engineer
Evanston, IL USA.

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