I’m Gliding Through Air!

By on March 9, 2013

I am Swathi Subramanian. I live both in India and USA. I am 29 years old and just finished all three levels of Nirahara Samyama in my first attempt. I am a BTech Information Technology and MFA Bharatanatyam and I run my Natya (Indian classical dance) school.

After level 1:

On the 1st day I felt my skin was alive&throbbing like how my face would feel after a facial :)! I was super energetic and happy …. I found it is easy to work on Spritual truths wile doing the Samyama. Ur inner space is in tune with Swamiji so working on sacred secrets is a lot easier.

During level 2:

I knew I was growing in love, compassion and being in a state of acceptance and forgiving. More importantly I was preparing to attend Tamil IA and I wanted to sit with myself to discover my older memories to clean them during IA. I was amazed to see how much I remembered to the very core details. I could see the energy of doing Nirahara Samyama was hugely helping activating great memory. My confidence was also growing.

After level 3:

People around me mentioned that I was glowing. I was so much at ease not eating — rather I didn’t want to eat. I was getting more connected to Nature also sensitive to them. Like apologizing if I stamp on a grass and similar sorts. Enjoyed touching and feeling plants and flowers.

Health wise I was just super energetic… I walked faster rather just glided through air. Got done with soooo much more work cos first I wasn’t spending time eating/cleaning, secondly I was feeling so light and less sleepy. Since my last level of Samyama went hand in hand with IA I was happy to be in Bidadi. Bidadi Kalpa Vriksha (Banyan Tree) was just talking to me and experiencing her (I feel the tree is my mother) is one of the most sensitive things I have ever experienced in my life.

Now, I can’t wait to do ‘The Samyama’ and live the life of Nirahari. Nithyananda Swami ki Jaiiiiiiii. It is first time in the known history for any mystical yogi to initiate such ‘normal’ people into Yoga sidhis.

Swathi Subramanian
Indian Classical Dance School
India & USA



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