I am Able to Take Up More Responsibility

By on March 10, 2013

My Health Benefits

  1. Less sleep
  2. More active
  3. More energy
  4. More positive
  5. Less depression
  6. So much confidence on myself
  7. Feeling light body
  8. Lost almost 10 pounds around 4.5kg

Had more time to contemplate on Swamiji’s discourse. Developed courage to follow Swami’s principles

Felt like bondage with the body loosened. Food being major comfort, after giving up food, was more conscious, and great clarity to think through each situation and all spontaneously able to take up more responsibility. Also was able to give up more of body comforts. Great feeling of Gratitude towards the body, as it has its own natural intelligence to balance itself. The less the solid food is being dumped inside. Having no intake of any fatty food, gave me guilt less space. So in a way I was getting healed mentally and gaining strength spiritually.
Nirahara Samyama is not as fasting where you lose weight but the health may deteriorate as not getting any food, you may become anemic and become weak, whereas in this Samyama by awakening our bio-memory and bio-energy  we gain energy directly, a pure energy from space which will do reversal of the harm we did to our body. So I suggest everyone to do this free Samyama.

Thank you


Nithya Pranava (Jyothi)
Medical Doctor
Hudson,  New Hampshire, USA

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