I actually look 15 years Younger!

By on March 9, 2013
I did 21 days of Niraahara Samyama with the 2nd batch.
It was 21 days of intense excitement about discovering a new possibility in my body! Though the medico in me constantly kept whispering about the impossibility of carrying  on with a normal lifestyle without eating any solid food for 21 days, I did it nevertheless just with the curiosity of exploration and knowing well that the Masters words can never fail.
To my surprise, those 21 days I have worked much more than I would do on normal days, managing a household filled with guests(cooking three meals for them everyday, without even feeling the desire to eat) a hectic clinic and hospital work, and other regular chores!
I slept less, worked more and constantly experienced the in exhaustible energy reserve in me!
Lost 4 kgs  in the first week of the samyama, but after that I maintained a steady weight over the next two weeks.
My Hematocrit which was 33 percent prior to samyama rose to 39 percent ( i.e Hemoglobin rose from 11 to 13 g percent).
I experienced the nectar in my throat every evening between 6-9 PM everyday, while doing the Samyama.
The beautician at the parlour enquirer if I was using a new cream as my face was glowing)
Many people have told me I actually look 15 years younger than my chronological age.
I do not continue to be a Niraahari though, thanks to constant pressure in the family.
I eat when I feel like it, and am fine even when I do not eat. When there is nobody watching me about my eating habits, I have missed eating the whole day without any problem. At the same time, I enjoy good food in small quantities when I am offered the same or while eating with family members.Eating does not bind me in any sense.
Personally, my experience proved a fact to me that people can live a normal/ healthier lifestyle even without eating solid food. The added component of the Masters initiation and how it impacts the whole physiology would be a exciting subject for scientific studies and research!!
Thank you and regards,
Dr Srilekha

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