From an Eating Expert to a Hunger-Free Expert

By on March 9, 2013

In the 3rd batch(Aug/Sep 2012) of the samyama, we(me and my wife Sree) got inspired to go for it thanks to our strong Houston Sangha members who were successful with the first 2 batches. We connected with Swamiji 2 way thru vsee account and the magic started happening. Hunger Free in real sense can only be experienced and no thought about. The thoughts that came to me were ‘Can I really do this’ or ‘Is it really possible’. As days passed by I never felt hunger.. By the end of 3rd level my whole stomach contracted and I lost 10 pounds from 185 to 175. From an eating expert to a hunger free expert.. that was a huge transformation in itself.  All due to Swamiji. He is the best happening for Spiritualists.

Of course I’m back to aahara samyama Now :-). But any time I decide not to eat I can easily go 2-3 days on a liquid diet without any problems. I want to thank Swamiji for giving me the Hunger free gift

Sugar Land, USA



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