Feeling Light and Healthy

By on March 9, 2013

My weight reduced only by three or four pounds. I felt very light in my body. I have digestive issues like not a healthy appetite, not able to digest foods with a little extra fat (like sweets or fried foods). Since nirahara samyama avoided all these I felt really great since the stomach did not have to bother with these digestive issues. I felt the body absorbed all the nutrients from liquid foods better than the solid foods since it was easy to digest. Though the solid foods would have had more nutrition it had to work much harder to assimilated the nutrients in it which in turn would require more digestive energy. My skin looked much smoother and healthier I felt. The discoloration from the varicose veins in my legs improved greatly. I was very happy with that. The tooth ache I had disappeared. Bleeding from my gums stopped and my gum health improved a lot. I did not feel sapped off energy. Was able to manage with less sleep. I felt I could get more in touch with the body this way.  When the body is at peace it translate into the mind also being free of bodily problems. Less energy is wasted in paying attention to the body trying to make it feel good. Remembering to do the Ajapa Japa was difficult. When I knew i was only going to have the liquids, I enjoyed the tasted of the liquids intensely since there was not going to be anything else to enjoy. With solid foods when there are too many options we don’t even enjoy a food totally.( Not integrated while eating).


Chitra Seralthan
House wife & Office Manager at a Doctor’s office.
Porterville, USA



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