By Aligning my Food Habit, I Aligned my Whole Life

By on March 10, 2013

I really felt very inspired and excited to start the Samyama in the 1st level. I had the craving for food but later my body started resisting more food. I felt very flexible and cool on those days very active! Usually I am addicted to sleep. Nirahara Samyama took me out of that sleep pattern too. I woke earlier not with struggle instead with bliss my body becomes hollow giving space for the spiritual things to happen. I was very ease and comfort with my body. After this I started enjoying myself with my body. After this program only I realized the science of eating food. Before I was taking food mandatory unaware of my body’s need. After Samyama I gained the consciousness of eating. By aligning my food habit I aligned my whole life –  my sleep, my routine, my work, my studies, etc. That’s really awesome!!!

Thank you Swamiji


T.Poonguzhali, Student (Chartered Accountancy)
P.R. Patti, Dharmapuri, Tamilnadu

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