Feeling 20 Years Younger!

By on March 9, 2013

Living without food for me is very exciting spiritual process which brought lot of good things in my life.

Twenty years ago when I came across this term, it was too mystical, from the point where I was standing in my life and understanding about life.

In wildest dream I could not imagine that one day this will be:

1.            My life style

2.            That I will be one to whom this mystic science will be told

3.            That I will be the one who will live it

And more over,  this science was told to me, reveled and  initiated in Nirahara Samyama  by,  the most greatest happening on the Earth – Incarnation, Poorna Avatara, Paramahamsa Swami Nithyananda.

Just to be initiated in Nirahara Samyama by such a being is a fulfilling of life`s purpose itself.

To prepare the body for final step to become Niraharee for life, I was to practice step-by-step proces under guidance and daily monitoring by Swami Nithyananda.

By not consuming the solid food and by initiation, actually the bio-memory of  taking Prana (life energy), from the space get awaken. This ability is laying in every human body, but  dormant, not used. As many other powers or siddhis, (we call them mystical),  lies inside of us unknown to us.

By this first step itself I was observing how hundreds of thoughts related  to food just loses the meaning, loses the power over me. Like clouds that resolves on the sky by sunshine, i was no more bound by them. Oh,  how healthy I should begin the day: with orange juice or herbal tee with honey. Should I take light breakfast or just organic, not treated domestic apple…… No more thoughts about  „real“ milk non homogenized from happy cows ….  or pure bread without additives…. or any vegetable with no GMO treatment….. no more carefully reading any products ingredients to find out if it contain any egg or animal supplement …. Nothing more is there to spend time and money on it.

What a relief on the first morning itself!

By the first, gradually process called Nirahara Samayama,  two days we do not eat, than is one day break, than 7 days without food, than two days break (we eat), and finally 11 days not eating.  I  found struggle on the last 11 days where my mind made me constantly thinking of eating food, although there was not hunger but my mind was sending memories of taste of particular food.

After that , I have done advanced  process of 21 day without solid food, consuming juices, soups, buttermilk and water, called THE Samyama, and it happens inside of Inner Awakening program in December 2012., on a cruise.

This advanced process was much easier for me – there  was not craving on any food at all. Now my body is liberated from gaining energy from solid food because it takes pure energy, directly  from the space.

Today is 53rd day of not eating solid food, and what The Nirahara gave me is, more energy to live, clarity, more focus, more confidence, more excitement,  more  friendliness. Also less need for sleep.  My daily routine begins at 3,30 in the morning and often going to sleep at midnight, having 4-5 times a week yoga sessions, performing my regular work, being someones mother,  a friend, a neighbor, a healer.

My body is very much alive and flexible.  For eg.,  just one year back I was not able to sit in fully lotus yoga position, but now I can do it effortless and even sit without moving, without  any pain, not thinking about time, wich for me was a biggest struggle.

My ID says that my age is 57, but to be honest,  I do not feel  that way at all!! More like 35, and this incredible filing of freedom, contentment, fulfilment,  is  worth to do Nirahara Samyama.

I will recommand anyone to try it, to experiment with it and find out what will happen to you, especially if you carry any diseases or depression,  worries.  All this will simply melt away from your life along  with your fat. Because all worries, illness, mental patterns, pain are stored  with the fat.

But point is,  you are not left alone to do it. You get  initiated by Swami Nithyananda, than there is where  whole thing matters. Bio-memory of taking Prana from the space get awaken by initiation of Swami Nithyanada.

You gain desirable shaped body, helth and wellness. And welth as well.  I did not even tauch the subject how much money you saved by not buying food but yet not being hungry!

Nowhere on the planet Earth is offered healthy weight lose without paying anything, not beinding you to buy  suplements to lose your weight. And all results, changes and wellbeing you gain by Nirahara Samyama, stays with you permanent, because your consciousness changes.

And one more good news I have for you: to attend the program Nirahara Samyama with daily initiations, guided meditation and monitoring your development, is  FREE OF COST.

The best thing will be you coming here in Bidadi under direct guidence and in vibrant breathing space of an Incarnation. Or you may come online on 2-way, which is every day telecasted on www.nithyananda.tv

Just stretch your hand, it is there.


Ma Nithya Guru Swathikanada (Mirjana Brickweg)
Enterprenour, Events Organizers
Kastav, Croatia

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