Why I Live Without Food-Nithyadevi

By on March 9, 2013

Living the BFoodFree Lifestyle for over 6 Months

Disease free body :I have created a disease free body for myself- I don’t even get a minor headache and you will be shocked my immunity levels! You should know I claim I have a healthy body only after doing intensive medical tests; on seeing which poor doctors don’t understand how my organs are even functioning  – let alone the fact that their blooming with health . They are also stunned at how the levels of iron and calcium in my body are at optimum levels without supplements that even regular eaters consume.

Zero comparison :I don’t feel the slightest need to compare myself with any one- not the teeniest bit. My Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda says comparison is the root cause of disease since it creates a gap between a person and his/her body. Living in Nirahara has bridged that gap, so I now know with crystal clear clarity that I have created this body for myself, it’s the best and I respect its uniqueness.

Be beautiful in and out :I finally  don’t live in the fear of getting obese or falling sick. I say finally because, before Nirahara,  I was always prone to putting on weight, I did suffer from binge eating my favorite foods- always over riding that little voice in my head asking me to STOP! As a result I had messed up my hormones, developed poly cystic  ovaries and really felt the fear of helplessness. But not any more! Nirahara’s also had the most amazing anti aging effect on me, I say that despite being only 27 J. I was genetically prone to start graying early, but its just reversing and my hair is growing better than ever, my skin is acne free and the best surprise—-the stretch marks I developed with weight gain are pretty much disappearing and that’s a welcome relief for any one especially women. 

Abundant energy :I always have a ready supply of energy .Even I was shocked, trust me, the more my body evolved toward reducing its liquid intake., the more energy I had. I never  have the excuse of being tired and I am not bound by own laziness. As a Nirahari , we have to practice constant self remembrance through spiritual practices like Ajapa japa, feeling connection and unclutching – all 3 of which help life ooze from the muscles. Its this state of constant excitement for LIFE that I carry within me. 

Low mood, what’s that? :I don’t even understand the meaning depression now.  When my friends tell me they are experiencing a “low phase” and are waiting for it to turn around- I seriously cannot relate. Nirahara has taught me that I am responsible for everything I experience inside of me and outside of me. On the rare festive occasions that I made the exception of eating with family – I could clearly see even that small amount of solid food had re-introduced few old patterns of restlessness but thankfully they did not have the same grip over me . Plus over these 6 months, I have been doing constant completions with the ideas of food I had, cravings for desserts, savories etc ,so now even a so called delicious banquet seems as useless to my body as a fork or spoon. The sight and aroma of food no longer make  me salivate or make my tummy rumble. It is really an exceptional state to be in.

Nithyadevi, 27, BSBA, MBA, Entreprenuer

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    February 27, 2017 at 9:23 pm

    I like food free peoples lifestyle

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