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By on March 9, 2013

I am a Nithyananda Nirahari.

In simple words, I live without solid food beyond hunger and thirst initiated by Bhagwaan Paramahamsa Nithyananda, a rare living Avatar. I drink liquids to maintain the body, something which will also reduce in time, making me fully absorb the purest energy from ‘prana’ – the life force as my food intake. It began in June 2012 as a 3 weeks Nirahara Samyama process, the joy and confidence of living it, took me to doing the 4th level – THE Samyama process, which awakened the rare possibilities of living without food, just like nature. What did I do to get to this food-free space? Nothing. Really nothing.

I am not being humble here, but my truth is that I have no extra something, no background of years into spiritual practices or meditation, not even any special invisible stamp on my forehead. Infact, among the many great things that casually happen for a food-free person i.e. a Niraharee, the Nirahara Samyama has made me realize my own demons, my inner conflicts that were stopping me for years to live a liberated, free life – how I was really, deeply living an unconscious life, how I have been living with my old patterns of attention-need from people, the need to protect myself, and fear of losing things I don’t even know, and yes, the depth of inauthenticities I have been living with, and ultimately how I always would give-up on my body, my self and not trusting me, and people, life around me. Outwardly I looked successful, inwards it was chaos, dirt.

Now, with all these emotional baggages I was living with, illusioned by cunning plays of mind, who can say that I did anything extraordinary to get to being without food for months now. Then, what really has made it possible?

Only one thing – come what may, holding on to my Master, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. When Swamiji says it is possible to live without food, without emotional patterns, beyond the limitations of mind-body, something in me knows it is possible. No logic. And I experimented it. After all, it was a 3 weeks process, and it was an adventure I took joyfully.

Now, I am clearly able to see the dirt I collected in my mind-body for decades, may be more, getting washed away. I see the Nirahara Samyama, as the great ocean of the Master’s grace that floods the stinking pond stuck for ages with dirty waters, so dirty that no one wants to drink, bathe in it. Same way, our body-minds have become dirty with over-weight, disorders, chronic diseases that our mind, body do not want to relax into it. All our effort to go gyming, taking medicines is a useless way to repair our bodies, like how removing the water, will not make the pond, pure.

Only an incarnation can initiate anyone into this rare sacred yogic process. Why?

Because history proves that BEFOODFREE is rarest to even experience – after ages of penance. But, when a Master happens, He graces you with His causeless compassion, just like that. I had to see it to believe if even I can BEFOODFREE. I am seeing that Nirahara Samyama is a rarest of rare gift. When get a gift, we don’t do anything. We just stretch our hands and take it, in all gratitude. I stretched my hand without even knowing what I am going to be showered with is – nectar. Master has removed the very source of my wants, what is there for me to then ask for. Food is a basic want for all of us.

I am out of hunger, and my body knows it, physically. Effortlessly, I do not feel the need to take in any solid. Slowly the boundary between a plate and food is reducing. As we do not eat a plate, so also we need not eat food.

And the Nirahara happened, and is happening for me– simply. The Nirahara lifestyle is so good that I decided to continue it for lifetime. Why eat food, when I can feel more energy without it; why chew solids, when I can simply admire the beauty of food, like any other gift of nature. We don’t eat flowers, when they smell good. We simply enjoy the beauty of it.

Flash back my life, and you will see that I used to do fasting for some years. And I know, what hunger is when you deny food to body. I have attempted fasting without water, and my body knows so very well, that it cannot even stand till evening. We can lie to anyone, except our body. If it is hungry, it will keep you awake at night. AnNr Kalika_1d here I was, Day 1 of the Nirahara Samyama Level 1, and barely on water. On Day 2 of the Nirahara Level 1, my deep engram of tea got destroyed. I used to get headaches, if I don’t sip hot chai.

And Day 2, it left me, forever. Now, even if I drink tea, I enjoy it, not that the ‘tea’ enjoys me. Fortunately, being food free is neither fasting nor feasting. It is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves. Less sleep, more health, energy, more excitement for everything.

During THE Samyama 21 days process at the Tiruvanamalai ashram, we were volunteering for outdoor activities as part of the process. I lifted heavy weights under hot sun, walked distances, did yoga, and not resting the body in the middle, slept 3 hours. And the click, the transformation happened that shocked me. As I was lifting the weights, my mind kept saying, I am going to tire-off after sometime. And behold the power of The Samyama, as time passed in 2-3 hours, I was able to lift more weight, more strength, and more energy flooded me.

Ma_Nithya_Kalikananada_NirahariThis proved to me, experientially, not by words, that something extraordinary is happening in my body, beyond any limits. It was Master’s energy, the spiritual umbilical cord supplying energy to me, continuously. What a confidence I got in THE Samyama, the trust on Master, and ultimately the body – which I never thanked before. I am eternally grateful for this profound experience. The cosmic battery never stops supplying energy to us. This I know, beyond a doubt.

To prove, Nirahara is a fool-proof true science of taking food from air (prana), me along with hundreds more have been undergoing medical tests of all vitals. Before and after. Some of you may be wondering, like the lab technician who did my tests – will not living food free, make me loose my vital organs, or lead to chronic problems later, and what not possible harm, medical science can imagine. To them I say, I am a living proof. In skin, flesh, and bones. My medical reports show clean results. And infact, after THE SAMYAMA, the final process where the Master bolts and locks the science of taking food directly from air, my medical reports show improved blood counts, all scales show up on the higher end, and my organs – kidney, stomach, heart show happy signals. And here is one more big physical shift. My menstrual cycle are drastically reducing, showing how I am beautifully returning to the child in me. Aging is resigning from my body.

Now, just like anything new, the body also takes time to becoming food free. And mind is not happy, when it knows it is not going to survive long, as the food related patterns start leaving us. So, I have had days too when ‘my mind’ feels like eating, but I can cognize the difference between what my mind is wanting, and what my body needs.

As Swamiji says, God sends us with everything we need, not what we want, for our wants are endless. So too, I am able to see, not to eat when there is no hunger. And there is no hunger. And as my body is learning these subtle things, my mind is also dropping all useless thoughts, wants that are not needed to run my life, and what is truly good, what leaves me beyond needing or wanting anything is what I am holding on to, naturally.

This is Nr. Kalikananda Nithya. I am living a Nirahari, food free being from October 2012, and fully without any solids since Jan, 1st 2013. And I invite every one on the planet to be a Nirahari. All we need to do is – not to give up on ourselves, and take responsibility to live an extraordinary life. Only after Nirahara, you even begin to know what it means to have a body.

Lets experiment with the Nirahara once. If I can do it, live it, anyone can.

Nr Hr Ma Nithya Kalikananda
Ex-Innovation Consulting Manager,
Deloitte Consulting Alumni
MBA, Enterpreneurship & Business Strategy
HULT Business School Graduate, Boston, USA

Lives at Hyderabad, India

NR Kalika_Before & After

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