Lifetime Nirahari, Freedom Blossoming in Me

By on March 10, 2013

Ma Nithya Guru Smarnananda (Life time Nirahari)

Guru Smarna belongs to the 1st batch of Nirahara Samyama, initiated during the month of June 2012 at Madurai Adheenam. She at Madurai Adheenam for more than 30 days. For the first two initiations (level 1 and 2) she was in physical presence of the Master. For the Level 3 Samyama she went to carry on with her profession of teaching along with the Samyama. I did ‘The Samyama’ with the 1st batch at Kodaikanal on Aug 21st 2012 – Sep 10th 2012.

Health benefits :

  1. From day one of initiation till this moment i.e 6.3.2013, no hunger and thirst in this body.
  2. This body did not fall sick anytime.
  3. Energy level tremendous so Guru Smarna feel the difference in energy level before and after the Samyama very distinctly.

Spiritual benefits :

  1. The space is shifted to a higher level.
  2. More understanding and clarity in all happenings of life.
  3. All food patterns disappeared.
  4. Today she is a Sannyasini. Staying at Bidadi.

Sep  2012  Weight : 45Kg  Haemoglobin : 11.7
Oct  2012  Weight : 46Kg  Haemoglobin : 11.9
Nov 2012 Weight : 47Kg Haemoglobin : 12
For the first two medical tests TSH was less, but in 3rd medical test it showed normality.

General benefits :

A total feeling of freedom blossoming in the inner space. Wow, “Guru Smarna no more bound to food” this brings a shift in her response to life with more awareness consciously. Life looks at her with smile and bliss.

Ma Nithya Guru Smarnananda – M.Sc, M.Phil,B.Ed, (Life time Nirahari)
Gurukul Teacher at Bidadi (Biology Teacher).

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