I am Cured of BP and Diabetes

By on March 9, 2013

a)    Stopped taking BP and Diabetes Medicines

b)    My Blood Pressure dropped from 165/95 to 110/80

c)     My Blood Sugar level (Fasting) dropped from 265 to 65 in 3 months

d)    Quality of sleep is better

e)    Sleep quota reduced from average 7 hours to 5 hours;

f)     Energy level is higher than before becoming a Nirahari

Spiritual benefits

a) Feeling great having found the Master

b) Able to do meditation & Yoga postures better

Other Benefits

a) Overall relationship with others have improved

b) All my family members are inspired to do “The Samyama”


Jayaraman Thiagarajan
Information Management Leader
Houston, USA

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